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NBA: Nigerian manager wins trophy.

Masai Ujiri - Photo credit AFN360

Nigerian Masai Ujiri, the raptors’ general manager, a basketball team from the Canadian city of Toronto, helped his team win the first NBA in its history.

Yet much criticized early in the season for his choices, including the decision to exchange the best player in the history of the team Demar Derozan against star Kawhi Leonard, the team’s general manager, Musai Ujiri, knew put an end to all his reproaches because his choices have strongly contributed to the final victory of his team.

It was in 2010 that he was named “general manager” of the Toronto team and he became the first African to hold this position.

Highly esteemed by his work, it was in 2013 that he took center stage as the first African to win the NBA “Officer of the Year” award.

Musai Ujiri is committed to helping the young talents of the African continent to evolve in large Western teams. He also recalled that one day, former South African President Nelson Mandela told him this: “It’s a beautiful smile that you have there young man. That inspired me and I decided to fight, too, for Africa. “


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