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NIGERIA: Billionaire Dangote in court in Dakar.

Aliko Dangote, President and Chief Executive of Nigeria's Dangote Group speaks during the final session of the World Economic Forum on Africa meeting in Cape Town June 6, 2008. REUTERS/Mike Hutchings (SOUTH AFRICA)

The court in Dakar was to consider yesterday a complaint for “scam, forgery and use of forgery and criminal conspiracy” filed by the heirs of the late Kader Mbacké against Aliko Dangote. The latter blame him for having concealed the 10% stake in the Dangoté Senegal cement plant, which they allegedly had been held by the deceased, which is their right. The case was postponed until November 23rd.

As a reminder, a judgment of heredity was made on August 25, 2011 to the county court of Dakar in this case. But that did not allow the heirs of Kader Mbacké to exercise their rights as shareholders. More serious, according to the plaintiffs still, the 10% held by the deceased, would have disappeared from all the social documents of Dangote Industries Senegal became Dangote Industries Cement.
The family of Kader Mbacké claims to the richest man in Africa, the sum of 20 billion CFA francs.


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