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PATRICE EVRA: The international soccer player gives his opinion about religion.

Patrice Evra in serenity with the dolphins

I would just like to say my opinion about what’s happening in this moment and about religion.

I speak 6 languages, I’ve been raised as a catholic but I also want to learn about every religion just as I want to learn many languages. I’m learning about Islam at the moment and I’m reading the Quran. The more I grow up the more I’m asking questions to myself, I believe in God I believe in Jesus, so why I shouldn’t believe in prophet Mohammed.

Some people use religion to create war or to kill innocent people all over the world. Some people are manipulated with a distorted view of religion, some leaders, some media want to create hate around certain religions, so what I want to say is, before you judge somebody or judge a religion is learn about it.

I say it again Islam is such a beautiful religion it’s about peace, it’s about helping each other.  We need to stop reading the media.

God didn’t create us to kill innocent people. We all have a purpose and I want to bring more positivity and more happiness and we only live once and if we are here it’s because God wants us to do something. I play football and I have worked hard so I can help others, I have 400 kids in Senegal and I hope to open more things all around the world, I don’t want any compliment for that but I know what I have been put on this planet to do and that is to be the best human being I can.

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Whatever your situation, you can always be the best human being you can. For me that is the perfect religion, being a good human being.

To be religious isn’t just to pray it’s in the way you act. I will pray with every religion, in church, in a mosque, in a Synagogue, I will meditate, I’m not lost im just open, we all pray to the same God.

I believe it teaches you to know about yourself better, about your spirit and you see the world in a different way. Stop the hate, stop being scared about things you don’t know.

Stop the terrorism. Respect every religion and if you are scared of a certain religion… instead of being scared try to learn about it and listen before you make any judgement.

I know this is just my opinion, and this world needs more act than wise words.

Patrice Evra, international soccer player

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