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FOR YOU WHAT IS AFRICA: Lydie Pace, the exceptional singer

La cantatrice Lydie Pace

Lydie Pace, her name sounds like an oratory lyric, we almost want to shout it from the rooftops: “We discovered a singer with a golden voice”. When we say that Africa has its talents, its small artistic gold, its human richness, its art, its diversity, it is a certainty through what Lydie Pace expresses in her Opera songs.

The opera singer Lydie Pace

Who would have thought: an opera singer who comes to us from this Bangui, the pretty city. Apart from the class she embodies, coquetry and talent are also in the DNA of Lydie Pace, which she expresses entirely in beautiful her captivating, confusing, generously overflowing voice, in her singing voice, Calling the strength of the ancestors in the meanders of the African land that see Italy the birthplace of the Opera, Verdi, Puccini as Lydie Pace loves, sing them. By herself, she mixes the power of her voice with African stamps, in a voluptuous mix of her thunders from the tenors to the voice of contralto or soprano. She invites us without much difficulty in her universe. She transports us on an intoxicating flying carpet: guaranteed thrills! Scores to watch in the interview [FOR YOU, WHAT IS AFRICA].

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It is an exceptional discovery that our editorial team made through the character, the artist, the woman, the singer who is Lydie Pace. Listening to him sing takes us to the corners and corners of the Oubangui-Chari rivers of the Central African Republic, which gave us this beautiful gift. From Benin, Togo, Senegal, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea, we now have our singer on behalf of Lydie Pace.

She has already participated in many international meetings. At the celebration of the Senegalese Tirailleurs with the weapon of Triumph. The latest event was the Pan-african Visual Concert on WAN (Worldwide Afro Network). She will sing next autumn in the production of “Traviata” in Italy at the Argentino Theatre in Rome. She played the role of Annina with “Mytho festival Opéra”.

She now lives in Paris with her family and five children. The artist has kindly given his voice for Africa, saying his love, his passion, his ambition, his thoughts, his philosophy and his vision of the AFRICAN continent through our show: [FOR YOU, WHAT IS AFRICA].

The full interview here : 

Program postponed to the autumn in Italy because of the Covid-19: Lydie Pace plays the role of Amina

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