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REUNION ISLAND: “Mangavo”, the maloya incantation of Christine Salem

Christine Salem / Photo Frank Loriou

The Reunion singer unveils a magnificent first title of “Mersi”, her new album of free and spiritual maloya.

She is one of the great Reunion voices of the maloya-blues whose spirituality she perpetuates with modernity. Listening to the world around her, the singer and kayamb player Christine Salem constantly evolves her mixed and island music by serenely opening the boundaries of the genre, with intensity and generosity. On his new album, Mersi, the artist mixes with power and softness the maloya, blues, rock and the sega of his island.In his imagination, the voice of his ancestors speaks to the rhythm of the percussions on which the violin, classical or folk, of Frédéric Norel rises in harmony.

Before the release of her seventh disc on January 29, Christine Salem unveils a live version of Mangavo, an invitation full of spirituality to dive into the heart of a service kabaré, these festive ceremonies paying tribute to the Afro-Malagasy ancestors. In addition to violinist Frédéric Norel, the charismatic singer is accompanied on these thirteen new tracks by guitarist Seb Martel and percussionists Anne Laure Bourget and Jacky Malbrouck.

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Christine Salem is in concert on February 4 at 360 Paris Music Factory for the Au fil des voix festival.

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Christine SALEM ©Franck Loriou

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