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UNITED STATES: Inauguration of Joe Biden: Washington under high surveillance

George Washington statue, New York

The Capitol under siege for the inauguration of Joe Biden. The United States wants to prepare for the worst in view of the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, 2021. Indeed, the FBI became aware of calls to armed demonstrations, on the internet, during the ceremony by an armed group. 21,000 National Guard soldiers will be deployed to Capitol Hill for security.

The FBI won’t leave anything to chance six days before Joe Biden’s inauguration. Despite calls for calm from Donald Trump, his supporters are determined to disrupt the ceremony. A “identified armed group” is preparing, according to the authorities, to “take over” government buildings in the 50 American states and the capital in the coming days and until the inauguration of the Democratic president. The FBI indexes the far-right Boogaloo movement that advocates civil war to overthrow the government.

When we talk about potential threats, we see a considerable amount of discussion on the Internet about a number of events up to the inauguration and we assess those threats and what resources to deploy to counter them. At the moment, we follow calls for armed demonstrations and other activities up to the inauguration ceremonies. There is concern about the violent potential of multiple demonstrations here in DC and near the capitols of many states in the coming days, which could bring armed individuals close to official buildings and officials. Our strategy will remain aggressive until the inauguration. So we know who you are if you’re up to something, the FBI will come for you,” said Chris Wray, the FBI director.

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The authorities also want to dissuade the public from attending the inauguration ceremony on the steps of the Congress. The city has been barricaded, shops closed, transport and accommodation offers limited by security measures. Authorities are also planning to close the large lawn of the National Mall to the public, where thousands of visitors usually flock to the inauguration.


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