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RWANDA: Outgoing President Paul Kagame re-elected.


The former president has resumed his previous position through the presidential election that has just ended. The National Electoral Commission announced the partial results on Saturday night.

The results were published on Saturday 5 August 2017. The former head of state was re-elected with 98% of the votes without difficulty.

Results of 80% of the votes cast were published by the National Electoral Commission (NEC), which gives a big lead to Paul Kagamé who leads with 98.66% of the total votes cast.

His two opponents collected 1% of the votes of this election. According to these partial results, the independent Philippe Mpayimana won 0.72% of the votes cast, and Frank Habineza, leader of the Green Democratic Party, the only opposition party of the country accounted for 0.45% of the votes .

Of the 6.9 million Rwandese voters registered on the electoral roll, the commission estimated that 97% went to the ballot box to choose their candidate and to slip their envelope.

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Not surprisingly, outgoing President Paul Kagame, the strongest man in Rawanda for more than two decades, was re-elected.


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