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SENEGAL – 3rd mandate: Mimi Touré raisonne Isméla Madior Fall and tance Me Oumar Youm


After his international tour against the third term, Aminata Touré’s speech was much awaited. Former Minister of Justice under Macky Sall, Aminata Touré spoke on the question of a probable 3rd term of the President of the Republic in the presidential election scheduled in 2024.

In the face of the current Minister of Justice, Ismaïla Madior Fall, she reminded him of his «important» role in the 2016 Constitution. You are a professor emeritus, look at the Senegalese and repeat a fourth time that you have betrayed them. You were the architect of this. Yet, we spent millions of FCFA during the referendum campaign arguing that no one has the right to a third mandate,” said Aminata Touré, Mimi, on Thursday, December 1, during the vote on the Department of Justice’s draft budget.

Going on, she always argues against the Minister of Justice: Intellectuals must be faithful to their country and not to their privileges. In 2012, we fought Abdoulaye Wade by saying that no one can serve more than two consecutive terms. We did it in 2016 to lock down this Constitution. So today we want a clear answer on the question of Macky Sall’s third term».

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After these words, the parliamentarian was applauded by the opposition members. However, Mimi Touré was booed by coalition members Benno Bokk Yakaar (BBY). Video!
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