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SENEGAL – Guy Marius Sagna fears for his life

Guy Marius Sagna

Senegalese activist and MP Guy Marius Sagna says he fears for his life. It was through his facebook page on Tuesday, December 6 that he published a public opinion alert on probable schemes and criminal maneuvers to attempt his life.

“For decades, and especially since the Senegalese people have made me a member of the National Assembly, I have been doing the best I can to serve the African people of Senegal with loyalty and loyalty. This is why since September 12, 2022 I vigorously defend the interests of Senegalese.
It has come back to me that my posture is so disturbing that criminal schemes and maneuvers are being devised to undermine my physical integrity and my freedom to serve exclusively the Senegalese people.
When you stop stealing people’s money and serving imperialism against African peoples, especially French neocolonialism, you won’t hear me talking about it inside and outside the national assembly.
It has come to my attention that this group whose mission is to silence me is also made up of defence and security forces who are trying to find out where I live.
I alert and witness the Senegalese people.
It is the responsibility of the State of Senegal to ensure the safety of all Senegalese citizens. I am Senegalese, my security is in the hands of the State of Senegal.
We are not afraid that you will make gendarmes and soldiers disappear and torture Senegalese until they are murdered.
I hold the State of Senegal responsible for anything that happens to me.
The era when you made Pierre Henry Thioune dit Guelwaar disappear is over.


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