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SENEGAL: 43 billion for Air Senegal


The air transport sector is heavily impacted by coronavirus. The figures released by the Minister of Tourism and Air Transport speak volumes. According to Alioune Sarr, justifying the amount of 45 billion FCFA allocated to Air Senegal, by the State of Senegal, over the 3 months (March, April and May) forecast for the management of the health crisis, the airline will have lost 20 billion CFA francs on its turnover while LAS, the company that operates the airport, sees its estimated losses lost 6 billion CFA francs.

If that is the case, the minister said, it is because the planes are no longer landing. As a result, they no longer pay the security charge, the markings, the hospitality approach, those elements that make up the airport revenues.”

1.3 million passengers lost

According to Alioune Sarr, with the Covid-19, nearly 1.3 million passengers are lost by airlines that are active at Senegalese airports. Enough for the Minister of Air Transport to challenge the banks for more diligence regarding the substance that the Head of State has made available to companies as part of the response plan against Covid-19.

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