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SENEGAL: A complaint against El Hadji O. Diouf for death threat.


A certain Souleymane Tall, presented as a brother of Aminata Tall, President of the Economic and Social Economic Council has filed a complaint against the former international football, El Hadji Ousseynou Diouf, for death threat. El Hadji Diouf is summoned to the Research Section, located at the Samba Diéry Diallo barracks in Colobane, this Monday, February 5, 2017.

How did we get here ? According to the complainant, El Hadji Diouf’s wife, Valéry, who is said to be a long-time friend, asked her to lend her a car following the loss of one of her aunts. What he accepted. He claims that El Hadji Diouf himself took the opportunity to do his personal shopping, his car being down. “Realizing that I was the owner of the car, he started calling me to harass me because I lent a car to his wife without notifying him (…) He kept calling me and even asked me to find him somewhere to settle my account. We met in a restaurant and he did his show. On the spot, he insulted me of mother and threatened me with kidnapping and destroying my life, stating that he knows my home “. Asked by the Senegalese website leral.net, the former international football said: “I am not at all aware of any complaint against me. That’s all I can say. I can not say anything. People can say what they want. I do not dwell on details. I am a personality in this country. Write what you want, I have other concerns. Let him keep talking, I’m busy with my things. Without complaint, I do not say anything »


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