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SENEGAL – Adji Sarr-Ndèye Khady Ndiaye: the minutes of a stormy confrontation

Adji Sar / Ndeye Khady Ndiaye

The face-to-face between the two ladies in the office of the Dean of Judges, on Thursday, as part of the Sweet Beauty case, kept all its promises. It was stormy and the place of heavy unpacking. Report. Adji Sarr, who accuses Ousmane Sonko of rape and death threats, and Ndèye Khady Ndiaye, his former boss at Sweet Beauty, the salon where the alleged events took place, were yesterday, Thursday, in the office of the Dean of Judges, Oumar Maham Diallo.

After having organized the confrontation between the two ladies, the magistrate brought Ndèye Khady Ndiaye’s husband, Ibrahima Coulibaly, for a hearing of the three. According to the newspaper Les Échos, the confrontation, which began shortly after 11 a.m., lasted twelve hours. It will be interrupted only by a break of a few tens of minutes, for the break of the fast, and… a few incidents.

Thong and bra
The debates were indeed at times stormy, informs the same news daily. Which adds that both sides have stuck to their positions. Adji Sarr now his charges against Ousmane Sonko and Ndèye Khady Ndiaye washing the leader of Pastef. Every time Ousmane Sonko expressed his desire to receive his ‘fast’ massage, he kept his pants on, but more often than not, he demanded his ‘full’ massage, rewinding Adji Sarr, taken up by L’Observateur, which, in its Friday edition, made an account-detailed report of the confrontation in the office of the Dean of Judges. In the latter case, he was naked, lying on the cabin bed. Besides, that’s the rule in the living room: all men are naked and we masseuses are wearing thongs and bras.»

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Returning to the circumstances of the alleged repeated rapes, also in L’Obs, Sonko’s accuser adds that for a «complete» massage, two girls were made available to the leader of Pastef. And, according to Adji Sarr, after a four-handed massage, Sonko took the other girl out to abuse her. Ndèye Khady Ndiaye denied these facts. Suggesting that Ousmane Sonko came to his living room just to heal his back. Questioned by the Dean of Judges on her skills in physiotherapy, the owner of Sweet Beauty admits to having no training in this field. But, she hastens to add, she was able to cure the Mayor of Ziguinchor’s back pain.

Charges of adultery
In all cases, Ndèye Khady Ndiaye claims to have never been informed of rape cases at his institute. A statement that got Adji Sarr all worked up. The masseuse hammered her accusations and even accused her ex-boss of adultery with Ousmane Sonko, taking as witnesses the other masseuses of Sweet Beauty. Adji Sarr will add to Ndèye Khady Ndiaye: You do not interest me in this case. I did not file a complaint against you. I am waiting for Ousmane Sonko for a confrontation.»

His lawyer, Me El Hadji Diouf, will try to corner the boss of Sweet Beauty. The tension is rising. Ndèye Khady Ndiaye gets carried away and calls the latter a rapist. A violent incident of hearing occurs, according to The Observer. The same newspaper reports that Ndèye Khady Ndiaye’s lawyers in turn tried to question Adji Sarr. But the latter refused to answer them, reaffirming her wish to be confronted as soon as possible to Ousmane Sonko.

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