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SENEGAL: Adji Sarr’s lawyer breaks silence: “We have all the evidence of rape”


Me Abdou Dialy Kane, lawyer for Adji Sarr, breaks the silence. He is speaking out for the first time on this issue, which has been in the news for several weeks. By SenegalActu

“I kept silent because I consider myself to be a lawyer. And, as such, I do not plead my cases in the public square. My only interlocutor is the judge. And, everything that is said through the radio antennas and television channels or the written press does not interest the judge “, explained the black dress straight away in the columns of” Les Echos “.

Adji Sarr’s lawyer says power has nothing to do with this matter and the case has no political overtones. “How then to maintain that behind this affair, there is the hand of power? It’s inconceivable. And if it is me, Mr. Abdou Dialy Kane who is saying it, I think people should believe me since I am not an advocate of power. I am just defending a cause that I consider to be right. Because all citizens have the right to access to justice, ”he said.

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As for the defense of the case, the lawyer said he was confident: “We are completely confident about this case. It is true that Mr. Ousmane Sonko is a political figure, but before the courts, his status as a political figure will have no weight in gold. The judges are not going to be interested in this aspect. All that will interest them are the facts and the law. The facts are that our client was raped and we have all the evidence that the rape exists, ”he said.
He says he met his client. But, he did not want to divulge the whereabouts of his client because, he says, “she is under constant death threats.”

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