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SENEGAL: Barthélémy Dias to Macky Sall: “It is out of question for us to dialogue”.


The President of the Republic, Macky Sall invited, on Saturday, August 02, the political class to an evaluation of the last legislative elections “to modify the imperfections “Of the electoral system.  

The president had thus launched a call for dialogue. Barthélémy Dias, like the liberals, poses a condition for the reunion around the President of the Republic for any dialogue: the outright release of deputy Khalifa Sall.

“It is out of the question for us to dialogue with conditions of blackmail. Dialogue, as far as we are concerned, that is to say those who have fought today around Khalifa Sall, will only take place on condition that the taking of hostages which is exercised on Khalifa Sall, stops. Let Khalifa Sall first be freed. Then we can sit down and talk objectively, constructively and concretely. But we can not accept to discuss in a context of hostage-taking and blackmail, “said the mayor of Sacre coeur / Mermoz in an interview granted to Seneweb.

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Who says, besides, take this invitation with tweezers. “Personally, I do not consider President Macky Sall’s appeal to be a serious appeal. Now, I think the Republic is above us, we have as responsibility as political actors to be civilized people. I think we can not claim to want to lead Senegal and refuse to discuss. But, it is out of question for us to discuss, to exchange with the current regime in conditions of blackmail and hostage-taking! If Khalifa Sall is not released, we will not take part in any dialogue, whether sincere or not! “He added.

For Mayor Dias, Khalifa Sall is taken hostage. “And there’s enough evidence to prove it,” he adds.

Source: Dakar Morning.


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