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SENEGAL: Binta Sagna ranked among the 365 leaders shaping the image of Africa in 2017.

Binta Sagna

The highly regarded Johannesburg magazine, Tropics Magazine.com, which celebrates its seven years of existence, has ranked Binta Sagna among the 365 leaders who make Africa in 2017. Leaders who want to shape the image of Africa by ideas and actions. The campaign, titled “#African DOers,” lists African girls and boys from all walks of life.

The annual ranking puts prominent figures of Afro-optimism in the limelight, each in separate but complementary fields, the hope of a dynamic Africa and a land of creativity while recognizing the contributions of these young leaders. which “shape the image of Africa”. As the magazine celebrates its 7th anniversary this month, the TROPICS editorial team publishes its success stories for the second time in a row and launches, through its hashtag #AfricanDOers, a vibrant call to action for Africans to re-image from their continent. Among these 365 African leaders from Senegal are Adama Ndiaye aka Adama Paris, Magatte Wade, Dji Dieng, and Binta Sagna She who defines herself as a Senegauloise, is a woman of networks and influence, she was born in France of Senegalese parents immigrants in the 60s. Binta Sagna is founder of a communication agency: “La Sénégauloise”, c ‘ is an activist activist who knows how to weave her web in various circles ranging from politics, sport, music, art or business, but always related to Africa. Binta Sagna explains that communication is only the purpose of a network and mobilization criteria, these mobilization criteria are based on trust in long-standing partners.

She explains to Financial Afrik’s writing her definition of Leadership: “My mother worked for a French millionaire for years and I was able to observe the relationship of human relationships and the relationship that sometimes binds people hypocritically exclusively on the basis of money. For my part, without really having the choice I chose the path of the social elevator, a worker child who became an executive, it was common in the France of full-employment of the 1960s, now it is a real obstacle course, this lift that allows people from a certain social background to access the upper class is now able to experience breakdowns, but we identify failures, restart to reach each times a higher floor, certainly it is longer but on each floor we have crossed people, these people are the essential base of my network ” “Money has become the only prism in the lives of many people, their only motivation, their only value. I sometimes find myself unsettled in times of emptiness, certainly money is necessary but the “influencers” or “leaders” as we are defined do not primarily seek these things, they seek loyalty, are busy creating a hyper restricted network of trust and ethics, or at least to build a network where we can identify reputations or engage without major risk taking. In my opinion, all human action should not be exclusively judged by a single monolithic identification grid, namely money, it is paradoxical to mention this aspect with Financial Afrik but it is my vision of development as a new leaders of tomorrow for the African continent.

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Source: financialafrik.com


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