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SENEGAL – Boy Djiné, the Senegalese Scofield records 12 escapes

Boy Djiné

“Boy djinné”, of his real name Baye Modou Fall, again deceived the vigilance of the prison guards, this Sunday, May 30, 2021, by escaping from Camp Pénal Liberté 6 for the twelfth time in a row. Another escape that moved Senegalese citizens. The latter began to consider the inmate for “robberies and robberies” as a genius which makes them think of Michael Scofield, main actor of the series “Prison Break”, known for his subtle plans of escape. Despite his detention in a high security cell with perpetual surveillance, a regular and systematic body search, and a reduction in communication skills, Boy Djinné goes about his business discreetly and even allowed himself an interview on the Itv channel.

Baye Modou Fall, alias Boy Djinné, is now known to the Senegalese public. The man with the twelve escapes is actively sought by the Urban Security after his escape on Sunday May 29, 2021. The funniest and unprecedented in this case is the fact that the escapee gives an interview granted to the private television channel Itv. He explains his umpteenth escape by his desire to fight against long detentions without trial. According to him, he is the victim of abusive detention because, he says, since 2013 he has been in prison and still cannot be tried. He said he was prepared to surrender to the authorities for a possible trial. “I will stay in Senegal, follow justice to see how this case will end. Since they do not want to grant me provisional freedom because believing that I will run away, I have decided to take my own responsibilities. . For my file, when they will have finished their investigation and he arrives at the Tribunal, if they call me, I will answer. “, Entrusted Boy Djinné to the journalist of Itv, Khalifa Diakhaté. However, the fugitive admits that to his charges, the offense of escape will be added, but he intends to assume it. “The offense of escape is another sentence, I know it. But since I made 9 years of detention for nothing, this escape is a sacrifice for me. I fight so that the truth comes out“, a he declared.

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Rejecting the mystical thesis evoked by the Senegalese to justify his numerous escapes, Baye Modou Fall alias Boy Djinné rather evokes intelligence and planning. For him, Senegalese prisons do not have the security so much vaunted by the authorities. With a certain subtlety, it is possible to escape. “I have always said that there is no security where I am detained at the Penal Camp, even though people argue the opposite. Anytime, night or day, when I want to get out of there, I can They are thinking, I too am a human being like them. I was in a room 2m20 by 3m10. There was a ventilation made of iron. I took the iron off at night (…) I had no accomplices. Before doing something, I make sure I have the capacity. I took my own responsibilities to smash the ventilation and I went out, “he detailed.

While waiting to be found, the prison administration of the Camp Pénal Liberté 6 prison has paid the costs of this escape which ridicules the legal authorities. The Senegalese Minister of Justice, Me Maclik Sall, has just dropped a first head in this affair, in the person of Baye Alley Konté, director of the prison of the Penal Camp. The investigation is ongoing to determine those responsible or possible accomplices of the most famous fugitive in the history of the country.


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