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SENEGAL/BURKINA FASO: Elijah and Yacouba between poetry, jazz, blues, traditional instrumental music, the album “Djarabi” was born from this explosive mix

Elijah et Yacouba

Senegal and Burkina Faso, the country of Léopold Sédar Senghor and Thomas Sankara, the man in the homeland or death we will overcome, gave us two stars in a radiant sonority and sorority through the voice of Elijah and Yacouba, two atypical but complementary artists, who generously entrance us with their unique acoustic vocables qualities in their genre.

Elijah and Yacouba together form the music group “Jaliya-Contemporaine world Music”. They seduce with their style which makes a bridge between Dakar and Ouagadougou, a bridge between fishermen and griots of Faso.

Elijah brings us his originality steeped in the veins of a community appreciated in Senegal, with a long Lebou tradition, this population of fishermen who at dawn are already singing by the ocean in search of inspiration. Originally from this ethnic group in West Africa, Elijah grew up in a culture where the emphasis is on piety and respect for elders. In this cultural framework dance, drums and public exorcism rituals are mixed, events that were pillars that rocked his childhood and forged his musical and artistic maturity.

By leaping on the rivers of the Volta which flow into Guinea, we go there to discover Yacouba, the one who transcends us in his rhythms of jali, the griot and who sings praise and ancestral culture, hidden through these baobabs. Yacouba is one of those deeply rooted African historians, who alone encompass a whole section of the history of families, peoples, and even a whole country, from generation to generation. Poets and musicians at the same time, they are the guardians of the traditions, they transport us in their world of innate phantasies.

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Elijah, Yacouba, together, the two of them invite us to travel to their mixed world of Africa where borders no longer exist. Deeply rooted in their respective traditions, represented musically in their own style, in a mix of sweets, blues, jazz and world music.

Yacouba and Elijah – Djarabi

“Djaliba” is their latest album: “The album contains 10 tracks. What inspired the album is when we met and we wanted to make especially here in the United States, music a little different from the norm. Because here you always hear the same thing. The idea was to use our cultures, Yacouba and I, and then mix them with blues and jazz, and do something instrumental without singing, something that people can listen to, feel the melodies. We are two foreigners who met in the United States and wanted to make different music, something that rocks people when they listen, that helps them to forget a lot about their everyday worries, that relaxes them and that transports them. Poetic music if I may say so. “

Elijah and Yacouba

Listen, watch and discover: “Mali Sandjon”, a song from the album:

Elijah and Yacouba
Yacouba and Elijah
Yacouba and Elijah