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SENEGAL: Casa Sport president worried about local football

Seydou Sané (President of Casa Sports), Ziguinchor

The new measures taken by the Ministry of the Interior on December 10, 2020 to fight against the spread of the virus does not please the president of Casa Sport, Seydou Sané. For him, the ban on sports fields will further jeopardize the resumption of the championship initially planned on January 2, 2021. In this message posted on his Facebook page, he shares his concerns and calls on the authorities to think more deeply.

“My phone keeps ringing since the announcement of the press release of the Ministry of the Interior recalling the decrees 024 066 and 024 068 of 05 October 2020. My players and their staff including their younger brothers in the other lower categories are all in an ambiguous situation and do not know which sequel will be reserved for their futures in this football which was normally to resume its course at the beginning of the year (02 January 2021) and which they have already begun preparing in The Gambia.

I am deeply touched by the tension that drives them and I feel very sorry for young people who rely on this sport, which is their livelihood and which they rely on to realize their childhood dreams. We have players who had pre-clearance in Europe but are forced to play another season in Senegal to convince their destination clubs again. 

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The Ministry had convened the actors of the sport some time ago to share with us the responsibilities to take in front of this pandemic, through the health protocol to allow us to be present in the stadiums. 

This protocol must be shared in all sports organizations to allow our sport to live again.Thousands of people will remain unemployed and risk losing their morale after a long period of waiting. 

At Casa Sports, we have already started spending with the pre-season of our team currently in Gambia for almost a month. The state must therefore accompany us to play behind closed doors with strict respect for barrier measures. Without this, believe me, we will all suffer.”

Seydou Sané (President of Casa Sports), Ziguinchor


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