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SENEGAL – “Circular migration”: MP Mame Diarra Fam shows her disagreement

Mame Diarra Fam

Spain and Senegal signed a “circular migration” agreement on Friday. An agreement that the member of the diaspora Mame Diarra Fam does not endorse.Commenting on a post by the head of state on Facebook, she showed her disagreement. 

“Mr President! We deputies of the Department of Southern Europe, will be against any agreement of repatriation of our Senegalese protected in Spain! Even if as part of this visit the deputies of the department that we are had to be associated with his meetings! And you do not! “, she commented on Facebook.

MPs disagree with Macky

She continues: “Make your meeting alone but please leave our compatriots who are already there to have a better situation already thank you. We have no Canal to discuss directly or indirectly with you so under your position here we share our concern as a Deputy of the department”, said Mame Diarra Fam.


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Senegalese President Macky Sall signed a memorandum to promote what they call “circular migration”, that is to say that the Senegalese can only go to Spain with a temporary contract and must return immediately.

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