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SENEGAL – Capacity building an initiative of the Association of Senegalese Jurists (AJS) by Marina Kabou de “Dafadoy”


As part of the Feminization of Politics project in Dakar, the Association of Senegalese Jurists (AJS) organized a capacity building session for the benefit of members of the local analysis group on Wednesday 07 and Thursday 08 April 2021. 

The objective of the Analysis Group is to ensure that the project activities are carried out properly.  It is composed of the Siggil Jiggen Network (RSJ), the Dafadoy collective, the Senegalese Social Forum (FSS), the network of elected women and the Institute of Inequalities of Barcelona.

The “Feminization of Politics” project, funded by the Barcelona City Council, aims to promote women’s political participation and intergenerational dialogue in order to better take gender into account in public policies. It is implemented in the communes of Cambèrène, Ngor, Mermoz_Sacrè coeur, Grand Yoff, Parcelles assainies, Dieupeul-Derklè and city of Dakar.

The discussions on the first day focused mainly on the history of the law on parity, its issues and challenges.

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As for the second, it was marked by a sharing of experience with the actual presence of the honourable MP Aïda MBODJ who has largely returned to his political career, his fight and his ambitions.

These 48 hours of informative discussions allowed participants to understand the issues of the Gender Equality Act.
Siggil Jigéen Dafadoy Network.


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