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SENEGAL/CONGO – Dip Doundou Guiss and Youssoupha in a happy duo: “J’prend confiance”

Youssoupha et Dip Doundou Guiss @Capture photo page Facebook Youssoupha

With this dance and work mix, “J’prend confiance”, in duet with the French rapper Youssoupha, Dip confirms that music is better than a Prozac pill. Between powerful punchlines and striking rhymes, this young Senegalese rapper enchants. For this clip, Dip and Youssoupha went to the banks of the Ebrié lagoon, in Abidjan in Ivory Coast. In this playful piece, an ode to love, to hope, this tasty beat shoots the wave at the soul in a few notes.

That love every time I open my mouth/ Every dream is challenge, everything is clear, everything is clean/ You are the pride of here, a building block/ The success and resurrection of a man, sacrifice/ A gram of hope changes a ton of lives/ Self-confidence kills the impossible/ But to change the world not an ordinary person/ In the land of failure I am persona non-grata/ Gently, I take confidence.» To sing life like a golf ball that you have to hit very hard to have a chance of getting out of it… To 31, Dip to the recipe for happiness. A song that soothes our anxieties and gives us the appetite to live. From the beginning to the end, he surprises by his joyful notes.

Dip has several awards to his credit, including rapper of the year and best artist of the year. For this feat with Youssoupha we expected maturity. But, instead, he served us a mix that, without going to the clash, shows us that he could deploy a talent that we did not recognize until then. His stage name Doundou Guiss is more than a name, it is an art of “living” and “seeing” otherwise in a sanitized world where you have to get into the mould at the risk of being pushed out of the game. It is this way of seeing and apprehending things differently that makes Dip’s success and notoriety. Dominique Preira in civil status, Dip Doundou Guiss is a flagship of the Rap Galsen nursery. Born in Dakar, Senegal in the early 1990s, he landed in 2014 with his first mixtape “Beuss Niki Ray”. Things got serious for him in 2012, when he joined the label Rep’Tyle Music. Very quickly, he positions himself in the heart of music lovers by his mastery of rhymes and his vocal power. He is a very underground artist who draws his inspiration from Positive Black Soul, Daara J, DMX,… In 2017, he released his first album «Taay Leu Kagn», «Loo Ñeme Ñàkk», in 2019. Next album: «Califat».

Dip concentrates in him the hope of the Galsen rap. These videos, immediately put online, cross the threshold of a million views. Aware of the fact that he has behind him, a broad spectrum of Internet users on social networks, mainly on his pages, he has a very well-oiled communication. This is very beneficial for him, because his albums are torn apart like hot cakes. We are still far from the dream! For a man who wants to get the notoriety of 20-year-old Burna Boy who was nominated for the Grammy Award, there’s still work to do. He’s going to do it.

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Dip, a polymorphic artist
Able to excel in all musical genres, Dip undoubtedly poses as the new rising star of rap galsen. With his delusional flows and philosophical verses, he manages to do well in all types of musical styles. Also, these featuring are no longer counted on the fingers of the hand. We can mention Ndongo D of the group Daara J Family, Awadi, Jizzle, Gee, Locko, Lefa,… This ambitious artist has the head in the stars: he aims for the notoriety of his idol Youssou N’Dour. He even has a style that is close to the ego-trip trend in rap. His songs revolve around him.


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