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SENEGAL – Coumba Dioukhané received the 2021 SHE “Sophisticated, High networth, Excellence Award” in Dubai

Coumba Dioukhané

Coumba Dioukhané is a committed and ambitious model of a woman, a personality determined as we like. She is characterized by perseverance and determination in both politics and entrepreneurship. She is a tireless adventurer. Between France and Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire but also the countries of the Middle East such as Dubai, Coumba Dioukhané has imposed its trademark: hard work. It is a consecration for her today, she has just been awarded in Dubai. She received the 2021 SHE “Sophisticated, High networth, Excellence Award.” A distinction that rewards Women who have succeeded in developing their ingenuity in several socio-professional categories. The French woman of Senegalese origin, Deputy Mayor of the Town Hall of Evreux, former technical advisor to the Ministry of European Affairs at the Quai d’Orsay in France and former advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, stands out for her courage and rigour, business acumen and entrepreneurial acumen. Holder of a Master’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages (LEA) in English/Spanish, Business and Commerce option, and a graduate degree in Business Administration and Management, She is one of the most promising women on the African continent through her dedication and commitment to women’s leadership. Coumba Dioukhané is the sum of an open-mindedness in a human and universalist sense and a high dose of professionalism noticed in this environment of men and women where we must stand out. Ze-Africanews had an exclusive interview with Coumba Dioukhané from Dubai, a multi-dimensional woman who is the pride of an entire continent.

Ze-africanews: Can you introduce yourself?
Coumba Dioukhané:
Coumba Dioukhané, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Global View, Strategy, Communication, PR and Investment Promotion Consulting Agency. We are based in Paris and Abidjan. 

Ze-africanews: You have just been honored in Dubai the SHE (Sophisticated, High networth, Excellence) Award that recognizes women in several socio-professional categories. You have received this award as a woman entrepreneur who works for the promotion of Africa throughout the world especially in the Emirates. What are your feelings about this distinction? 
Coumba Dioukhané:
I am very honoured to have received in Dubai the SHE (Sophisticated, High networth, Excellence) Award that recognizes women in several socio-professional categories. I received this award as a woman entrepreneur who works for the promotion of Africa throughout the world especially in the Emirates. This distinction affects me on several levels. She touches me as a woman, proving that we can overcome gender challenges and move forward. Do not be afraid of obstacles because we are women. On the contrary, it is a great asset because we have this instinct that allows us to manage a business as we manage our homes. The relationship with the collaborators is much closer because we come to perceive things on which many men do not dwell. And this goes far beyond the professional circle. This distinction also affects me a great deal because it is outside my geographical area of choice, namely Africa where I was born and France where I studied and where I do not lead a professional life or where I was elected for nearly 20 years. That means that whatever we do, the benefits can cross borders, if we are in the public interest. Indeed, I have devoted all these years to serving as a bridge between States, between regions and even between personalities and populations. There are no boundaries for me anywhere. 

Coumba Dioukhané receiving the award

Ze-africanews: What is Africa for you? Why?  
Coumba Dioukhané:
Africa is the continent that saw me born. I love it. Apart from this emotional link, it is a continent that is full of potential but lacks technicality, industrialization and means. All Africans must be aware that Africa is the continent of the future. When it knows how to do things, it moves forward. This is evidenced by the management of the Covid 19 crisis (which I refuse to feminize from the beginning as imposed!), because the continent is used to treating pandemics. In addition, there was a surge in pharmacopoeia, perhaps the effects were not quantifiable. If education, research, vocational training and matching training to the labour market were strengthened, Africa would have had much more potential. We would not be asking where to get the vaccines, but the continent could be a distributor.  

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Ze-Africanews: How to promote the economic influence of this continent?
Coumba Dioukhané:
Economic influence depends on Africa’s ability to have a business environment that reassures investors. What attracts the latter are the projects identified and identifiable even from afar, as well as favourable reception conditions that allow them to feel in an environment with rules. Processing times are also very important. Administrative delays can be a barrier. But they know that’s where it’s played out. A developed country without a natural resource is like a desert without an oasis. Africa must also focus on transforming its natural resources through industrialization. Even if they are small units of proximity, because the productions cannot access the big cities for lack of short circuit. Finally, infrastructure development is essential for the movement of goods, services and people between African countries. It is inconceivable that a plane ticket between two border countries costs as much as a Dakar Paris! How to encourage flows? How to imagine that some fruits or vegetables pass through Rungis from one African country to another? And finally, why rent land to developed countries for agriculture whose harvest is exported when many countries are still food deficient? 

Coumba Dioukhané receiving the award

Ze-africanews: What is your message to women? 
Coumba Dioukhané:
To continue to believe in them. We are sure values. We are able to lift mountains, just by our heads. Do not be intimidated! There is nothing left to do but dare.

Ze-africanews: What message do you send to African youth in its entirety? 
Coumba Dioukhané:
To the African youth, I ask them not to fall into violence. My message will also go to their leaders to ask them to do even more for their moral, material and professional security. Young people must be able to count on themselves, be entrepreneurial and not underestimate themselves. There is no foolish profession and one must not give in to the ease. However, it cannot act alone without state protection that allows them to better see the future. To this Youth I also ask them to let down.

Ze-africanews: A message to Senegal? 
Coumba Dioukhané:
Senegal is a developing country. I travel a lot and regularly realize the importance that neighbouring countries give to Senegal.  It is a dream destination for many, a safe country, where life is good. However, we must go back to the fundamentals: respect, citizenship, love of the homeland. I do not recognize breakdowns or violence. Me, I attended the House of Education of the National Order of the Lion (current Mariama Bâ), we received a very strict education with cooking and sewing classes. A rise of colors at 7am every day, and one sock did not exceed the other. (Besides, I have this habit of stopping in front of a flag or a national anthem.) There is another way to put it. Again, the school has a big role to play. We have not anticipated the population boom enough and have not built enough schools and trained enough teachers. Education must be at the heart of political programs. Its forward-looking vision guarantees us security.


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