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SENEGAL: Exclusive: Assane Diouf will not be finally extradited to Dakar.


L4The State of Senegal will finally be satisfied with suffering the attacks of Assane Diouf which will begin more beautiful in the days to come. We learn from concordant sources that the famous columnist based in New Orleans, after an investigation meticulously carried out by the American services, is out of danger.

Interpole USA will therefore not be able to answer the request of its colleagues in Dakar. The US embassy in Dakar, according to our discreet inquiries, would have also produced a comprehensive report that proves to the point that Mr. Diouf was pointed out by the State of Senegal because of his political positions and his violent Attacks on the Macky Sall regime.

Dakarmidi questioned to support the plot thesis, a large Senegalese lobbyist who lives in Los Angeles who, since the arrest of the activist has discreetly activated his networks. A few days ago, he told us that “the strategy to prevent the state of Senegal from extraditing Assane Diouf is triply locked, the means we have to act our men far exceed the regime of Macky Sall” .

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In the wake, Dakarmidi holds the final report which shows the chances of seeing Assane Diouf in a flight to Dakar definitely diminish. President Macky Sall and his followers will see the many damages in the days to come, as the mother of freedoms, the United States, will once again show the world, its anchoring in the protection of men whatever their thought.

At the end, the United States today has an eye on Senegal, its democracy, the state of human rights, the degree of corruption, the themes that Assane Diouf , Indexing Macky Sall to the foremost as the main locomotive of these anti-Republican acts.

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Source : DakarMatin / By the staff (Pape)