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FRANCE: A petition launched to alert the authorities about the “harassment” suffered by the Aïssatou family.

Aissatou suddenly emerged from life after six weeks of coma following fatal injuries of his former companion.

The texte of the petition :

Le October 30, 2016, Aïssatou Sow, french and senegalese and beninese origins, then aged 21, died at the hands of his former companion. Anger, sadness and misunderstanding then prevailed in France and beyond, his name even being affixed to Parisian bus shelters to denounce violence against women.

How could the criminal, already convicted of acts of violence and recidivist, be released, how could no measure of expulsion be imposed on him?

A white march had assembled nearly 600 people to denounce the violence done to women, for Aissatou, and for all the others, so that one day it ceases.

A collective, #plusjamaisça, was born after this march, to raise awareness and inform the younger generations, but also to help the victims.

Until now, the case of the assassin of Aïssatou had not been evoked by the collective, for obvious reasons.

However, the man, a native of Limeil-Brévannes, remanded in custody in Fresnes prison, seems to have no awareness of his act and published on his Facebook account photos that damage the memory of Aïssatou .

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He threatens the girlfriends close to the young woman and insults the investigating judge, without at any moment nothing being undertaken to stop him in his insulting and irreverent acts.

We ask that his publications on social networks be stopped by the penitentiary administration, that his mobile phone be taken away from him, and that the sexual, moral and psychological harassment that he shows towards the relatives of Aïssatou is taken into account And sentenced quickly.

While awaiting his judgment, Aïssatou’s family and close friends should not have to suffer such ignominy from the one who killed this young woman.

The Minister of Justice and the director of Fresnes Prison must take responsibility. It must cease, Nevermore!

This petition will be delivered to:
Justice Ministry
Director of the Fresnes Penitentiary Center

The video of the petition to sign :
I am Christmas AGOSSA, uncle of Aïssatou SOW. I am launching this petition to alert about harassment that my family and relatives of my late niece have been suffering for a few weeks, from the murderer of Aiïssatou.


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