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FRANCE-SENEGAL: Aïssata Seck: “The mandate in the Senate is not reserved for the only dominant parties”

Aïssata Seck.

Aïssata Seck is candidate to the senatorial of September 24 in Seine-Saint-Denis. A Socialist, deputy mayor in Bondy, she was expelled from the party after her dissident list was made public. The former spokesman of Benoît Hamon in the presidential election became known thanks to his fight for the naturalization of the Senegalese sharpshooters.

From the neighborhood to the Elysée, our fellow citizens are fed up with false promises and renunciations and many can not even conceive that men and women who invest in politics do so for the same reasons that underpin the associative and citizen commitment.

If I, therefore, am proud to be an elected representative of the Republic, the “Res Publica”, the public thing, I understand the disenchantment of my neighbors on politics. And if this commitment requires investment and time, sometimes being a source of happiness when neighborhood action or housing programs succeed in making our cities and neighborhoods breathe and move forward, the general feeling is that it remains at the that this is not enough to diminish territorial inequalities, discrimination, to blow up the locks.

That is why this election. That is why the Senate: because together with my co-listiers and co-listiers, we are also aware of the growing gap between the traditional political parties which no longer represent citizens, the same need for renewal, and above all we share a great deal ambition for our territory.

This ambition, we wish to bring it to all levels to demand equality on the territory of the Republic.

When I had led with many friends the battle for the recognition of the Senegalese riflemen, it had been necessary to tap all the doors, to appeal to the highest authorities to obtain a victory which should have been a right.

Our team is made up of women and men involved in all fields: fight against facies control, reception of migrants, neighborhood associations, education, private sector, elected representatives, etc. We will be the guarantors of a true anchorage; from the entire Seine-Saint-Denis territory, we know the issues perfectly.

We are not interested in ego battles and positioning. We want to defend left-wing values, progressive ideas and effective actions for our territories.

The senate must welcome the Seine-Saint-Denis within its bosom, the one that galley in transport, the one that educates with less means, the one that too often breathes badly. But also the one that fights, the one that gains rights, the one that is proud of its history. To represent the whole Republic, the Senate must therefore be enriched by a real representation of the Seine-Saint-Denis within it. In recognition of our struggles, our demands, and our diversity. The elements we put forward are not empty words, they are at the service of a project of the left, social and ecological.

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This ecological emergency, if it is simply brandished as a fashionable slogan we are not interested. In Seine-Saint-Denis, a land of youth but unemployed, a champion of demography, but in the midst of a housing crisis, ecology must be at the service of social ambition. We deserve homes with high energy requirements, to lower the heating bill and safeguard the future of our planet. We have the assets to become a pool of ecological jobs as the needs are numerous and the projects flourish.

Education, asserted as the priority of all, suffers however from a lack of crying means, especially in Seine-Saint-Denis. We need parliamentarians who are fighting for an educational catch-up plan for our territory (teachers, school doctors, guidance counselors, educational assistants, etc.). Young people from Seine-Saint-Denis have the right to excellence, let’s put the means to achieve it.

In order to achieve these objectives, we will require state guarantees on the means granted to the communities, which are constantly falling under the pretext of budgetary rigor, effectively masking a liberal vision of public services which should do more and less, organizing the slow privatization of society: health, education, housing, and even water and electricity are already delivered to competition and therefore more and more inaccessible for the most modest.

We are a list of convinced activists and this is our greatest strength. We know that this can become a weakness as habits are deeply rooted in the practices and practices of the elect and the great voters; however, we trust them to realize that the current impasse is not inevitable.
Yes, too long, we followed the political apparatuses that only wanted to share the territory. Our will is to gather together to advance, turn the pages yellowed, and refound to the left. No, the senator’s mandate is not restricted to the dominant parties alone.

It is time to give a place for a renewal application, we have a project, and we are supported by thousands of anonymous people who want this renewal. Together, on the left, we will be and we will make the future of the Seine-Saint-Denis.

Aïssata SECK, head of list “Let’s move forward for Seine-Saint-Denis”

Source : Bondy Blog


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