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SENEGAL – Hospitalization of Pope Alé Niang: Citizens are concerned about his health and demand his release

Pape Alé Niang

Many people are worried about the state of health of journalist Pape Alé Niang who was transferred to the main hospital in Dakar. There are reports of a deterioration of health due to the hunger strike as a denunciation of his imprisonment. A situation that worries the populations interviewed.

In some areas of Colobane, the Pape Alé case is well debated. Citizens denounced the «injustice» committed against him and as a journalist. With his degrading health, some have expressed their opinion. Young and old alike, all insist that PAN must be released. According to Modou Sarr, a local journalist Pape Alé Niang has been on a hunger strike since his arrest. We’re in a democratic country, so we have to avoid those kinds of practices. There’s freedom of the press. It seems that a journalist no longer has the right to give information. This is becoming serious. We call on the state and the national police to let journalists do their job.” Lamine Fofana is of the opinion that the Director of publication of the Dakarmatin news site gave information classified as «secret defense». This is not a reason to put him in prison especially since he was hospitalized.

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The state must think about its release because freedom of the press is a very important thing in a country. The authorities must understand that we are in a democratic country and the press has the ultimate responsibility to publish the information. But not to hide it,” he says.

In the same area of Colobane, PAN’s hospitalization spread like wildfire. Seck says he is “concerned” about the journalist’s health. The information revealed by a journalist cannot be considered a crime. Informing the population in real time is not a crime. We heard he got sick and admitted to the hospital. Let him know that we are behind him and wish him a speedy recovery,” says Ass. The same goes for Arame Sarr, another citizen met in the streets of Colobane. In view of the delicate situation in which journalist Pape Alé Niang finds himself, all the Senegalese people must stand up for their freedom.

The people demand that freedom of the press be respected in the country. His health is threatened and he must be released before the irreparable happens,” she regrets.

Source : Rewmi / Par Fatou Ba


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