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SENEGAL: Jimmy Dose, an icon of the song.


Fan of Public Enemy and especially of their legendary title “Fight the power”, of the king of the pope Michael Jackson but also of Bob Marley, Jimmy Dose finally became engaged singer. Ze-Africanews.com went to meet him.

How did you get to the music and the song?
It all started with Public enemy this great African-American group that made us vibrate with its legendary title “Fight the power”. I will mention Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and subsequently Mc Soolar who marked the beginnings of French rap. I remember that at the time I lived in Senegal, I had the opportunity to go often to France for the summer holidays and that’s how I discovered the hip hop movement and thereafter The raggae with the band Raggaesonic, Tonton david and many others, from there I wrote my first lyrics, early lives until today.

How do you define yourself as an artist?
I see myself as a social artist. What does the people need? Hope, purpose, project and also entertaining, it’s my role.

For you what is a good music, a beautiful song, a beautiful sound?
A gathering music, a music that comes from the heart. It could be a beautiful or dark story, it’s a matter of feeling and taste

Why this musical genre?
I do reggaedancehall, a native of Jamaica who comes from the lower quarters. I sometimes add a touch of hip-hop always with this little tropical and African side, some call it world music. This kind of music has a history, it advocates peace and love. Its dynamic and deep sounds give hope. On the other hand, world music brings me deeply into my roots.

For you song rhymes with search for social justice?
Yes ! Otherwise, we play the card of the blind, it would be irresponsible. For me an artist must be social, show the facts and misdeeds of this world is hard for some, I know what I’m talking about. I will go so far as to say that in some societies, immigrants are more pointed at. When you live in poverty and inequality, you would not like to be always talked to about you, you would also like to escape and smile in song.

In your opinion, music is a commitment or a simple passion?
It could be both, but at the beginning I do not think we enter the music by commitment but rather by passion. Music is not political, it is neither for the rich nor for the poor. It makes us vibrate. One becomes close to the people as soon as one takes the microphone, the pen or its instrument. Subsequently, a complicity arises and with time become an artist. We realize its impact by the people who listen to us and it is only after that that we become a spokesperson.

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Why music as a means of expression?
I think that every person has their own means of expression: dance, writing or painting. Personally, I found in music a weapon that suits me and with which I manage to give hope to people.

Where did this passion come from?
The musical influence of my childhood, has guided me throughout my life. Some artists whose names I quoted above have succeeded by their texts to speak to me and to convey to me the importance of music

What do you feel when you are in front of the audience and why?
When I am in front of the public, I only wish one thing, to convey my messages and my emotions. And this sharing is done very simply every time I sing for them.

How long have you been in Europe and why?
I live in Montreal in the province of Quebec in Canada, I lived in France in Paris for a decade. I consider myself a globe trotter and I do not see myself staying in the same place a lifetime.

What is your relationship with your country of origin?
I am from Senegal, having spent my adolescence in Dakar, I represent my country and in some of my songs I quote often.

What are your prospects for the future?
After having been chained for several years, the sound system, the studios, the concerts, my first album finally arrives. So I now wish to be able to release other albums, that people are always behind me for a long time.

How do you define yourself as a singer?
A singer artist is simply a person who, by his words, his sentences and thus his songs, comes to say what many people live on a daily basis. I define myself as a vector of emotions, feelings and ideas in my texts. I also think I can see the positive side of things, or at least I try, and what is essential to me is that people see our action as a need to exist and to build, in short, to Respect. I also like to make people move with rhythmic lyrics conscious or often innocent for good vibrations.


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