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SENEGAL: Moussier Tombola, the one whose mission is to bring laughter in your life!


If you are looking for the “Santa of Modern Times” that distributes smiles as gifts, which will turn your face into a banana for life, look no further: it is without question, and without hesitation Moussier Tombola , The king of delirium and humorous madness, at will, please! It all started in 2009, the one that nothing stops when it comes to make laugh, improvisation follower, had the idea to post a video of sketch on Youtube, where he had filmed face camera, Sharpened with a santa-hat and a large pair of white glasses. This first video became viral, in one week: more than 100,000 views were recorded, a consecration for the humorist. Thanks to this video, the producer Samba Kanté initiator of the “Samba Show”(La Team du rire) contacted him to congratulate him and invited him to participate in the Samba Show in Paris by writing a sketch. 8 years of collaboration ensued. The latter has become its producer, Moussier Tombola, the one who has the foot between France and Senegal, thus leaves to the discovery of the world of showbiz. “AfroTombo” is her last choreography that unfolds, released in July. Ze-Africanews.com went to meet him.

Ze-Africanews.com: You just left Afrotombo? What is it about ?
Moussier Tombola: AFROTOMBO! A choreography in the sound of AfroTrap sprinkled with a pinch of nonsense MDR. My recipe is simple choreography for everyone, I wanted to remain faithful to what I know to do with current sounds.

You are part of the “laughter team (La Team du rire)”, when did you join the team? Tell us about Team?
I joined the team of laughter in 2009, so I have rubbed a lot of comedians since, very enriching experience because I assume that every encounter is a lesson, and the work of Samba Kante remains exemplary and respectable since since soon More than 10 years, it highlights artists from the shadows. Some of us had the chance to tread the boards of the Casino De Paris, Folies Bergères … We can only thank him.

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What if I say “Jump Rope”?
Do not know … BIGLOL!
This is my ID card, it’s my C.V, it’s my passport, it’s my vital card!

You have released this title in 2009 More than 133 million views since? What do you feel when the audience responds?
It’s always a dingy to see the whole audience singing together “jump rope”, it’s a mix of: “Wow … Amazing” and “But you’re aware that you’re singing a Hymn to the skipping rope “LOL. Extraordinary history this sound … It is the title of my life.

“Laughing is a free medicine available in all the heart pharmacies. “

Let’s go back to your new title “Afrotombo”, how did you write the text of this song?
Most of my sounds, I start by looking for the gesture and then once found, I look for the name of the step in question and I do this until the entire choreography is found.

Who inspires you in your humorous creations and in your artistic delusions?
Person LOL, it is my madness that only speaks to me.

Laughter is part of your life, why is it important for you to make people laugh?
Laughing is a free medicine available in all the pharmacies of the heart. Some human beings are sick, the negative has taken over in their hearts. Chase the blackness of the heart to replace it with the positive the time of a song, a choreography. It became like a kind of mission for me.


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