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SENEGAL: Macky Sall cuts the government’s telephone budget.

Le président Macky Sall. ©Lionel Mandeix

Announced at the council of ministers held on April 17, 2019, the government is drastically reducing certain privileges given to them by the state of Senegal. From now on, ministers and other government officials have a capped telephone call duration during a renewable month.

In an effort to dramatically reduce the lifestyle of his government, Macky Sall takes action with the system of capped telephone calls. Indeed, this excessively expensive cost is estimated at 11 billion or 16.5 million euros per year excluding costs of the presidency of the republic. For this reason, the mobile operators have already received the instructions that as of August 30, all the telephone lines inherent in the charge of the government are fully realized.

After phone calls, President Macky Sall expressed his unwavering desire to continue on the same wake with with measures on water, electricity, administrative vehicles, fuel and the use of interest. However, it remains to be seen whether the measures taken by the government will be applied in a sustainable manner.


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