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SENEGAL: Maysa Maara Slam 2020 champion

Maysa Maara champion of Slam 2020

The poetry slam championship had its winner this Sunday, December 20, 2020. The ceremony was organized by the Senegalese Slam and Poetry League. Maysa Maara is this year’s new slam champion. A consecration for the young prodigy of speech who mastered the art of speech to perfection.

Maysa Maara is simply an unconditional lover of words. He spent his childhood in Linguère in the centre of the country. He was born in Bambèye, a city located in the region of Diourbelle in Senegal, the country of the poet Léopold Sédar Senghor, a monument of literature in West Africa, but also one of the precursors of the “Negritude”.

An active member of the “Let’s Talk Poetry Collective”, he is the author of the collection of poems “Tòortòor”. He is also a member of the Wolof Academy “WAX Wolof Ak Xamle” where he learned Wolof. He is co-author of the poetic anthology Élégies des Semeurs d’Afrique. 

Maysa Maara – Tòortòor

Maysa Maara is perceived as the successor of the late Al Fàruq, the most powerful slammer of his generation, through verb and expression, who passed away early on October 6, 2020.

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During this lyrical, poetic and slamic ceremony, Maysa Maara drew from her guts, her soul, her body, all the power of his verbal charism which he delivered with great generosity through his performance, his scenic presence and his tasty poetic rhythm to demonstrate his talents as a born orator. 

Maysa Maara made a lyrical crossing with words chosen with precision in her own lexical field. In his boat of ideas and inspirations, he surfed the waves of Wolof and French, two languages of which he mastered their aesthetics and their contemporaneity, to deliver us his talents of poetry and slam.

Maysa Maara champion of Slam 2020

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