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SENEGAL – Mbougar Sarr selected for Prizes Femina, Goncourt and Medicis

Mbougar Sarr @Page Facebook Mbougar Sarr

Mbougar Sarr is the pride of the entire African continent! The French-speaking Senegalese novelist, Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, has once again distinguished himself by including the list of nominees for the Renaudot competition with his famous novel entitled “The Most Secret Memory of Men”, which is already included in the Femina Prizes, Goncourt and Medici. A great pride for the African continent especially since the first two novels of the Senegalese writer, published by Présence Africaine, were already awarded. 

Mbougar Sarr will enter a little more into the history of contemporary literature. At 31, the author already has his name engraved on the competitions: Goncourt, Femina, Medici and Wepler. The young Senegalese author is selected in the Renaudot competition with other talented authors from all over the world. For his novel entitled “The Most Secret Memory of Men”, the French-speaking novelist will try to win a prize among the “giants” of literature. An indescribable pride in the young Mbougar Sarr who thanks those who encourage him and help him to move forward.”What makes you truly happy, what touches you most, beyond your own joys and worries, pretensions and doubts, hopes and pessimists, is to see so many people -so many people -, each in his own way, sincerely rejoicing for you, encouraging you, carrying you, greet you, hope for you more strongly than you could ever, pray for you, be there, be proud and protective and grateful, when it is we who owe them an infinite gratitude.” said the young author on his Facebook page on September 9, 2021. 

Mbougar Sarr @Page Facebook Mbougar Sarr

Mbougar Sarr remains confident about the continuation of this new literary adventure since the novel for which he was selected is of remarkable quality on all levels.  ” Beyond the adventure of this book, whose destiny no one knows, it is above all that which has moved me a great deal, disarmed, almost prevented me from responding to the various signs of benevolence received here in recent days. No one is prepared for this, but it’s worth all the prize selections. To all of them, thank you.Come on, now it’s playing!” he added.

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A native of the Diourbel region of Senegal, Mbougar Sarr completed his secondary education at the military college in Saint-Louis-du-Sénégal before coming to France for preparatory classes at the Pierre-du-Sénégal high school.d’Ailly de Compiègne then join the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS). He is the author of a good collection of novels including ‘Terre ceinte’, a work that describes the life of a small fictional Sahelian town under the control of jihadist Islamic militias. For this first literary production, he received in 2015, the Ahmadou-Kourouma Prize at the Geneva Book Fair, then the Grand Prize for the Métis novel of Saint-Denis-de-la-Réunion and the Prize for the Métis novel of high school students. For his second novel, Silence du chœur, which looks back at the daily life of African migrants in Sicily, he received the World Literature Award from the Astonishing Travellers festival in Saint-Malo. 

Mbougar Sarr remains a product of literature of which Senegal and the entire African continent can be proud.


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