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SENEGAL – “MDHM”: the underbelly of Marodi’s divorce from Halima Gadji, who received FCFA 300,000 for 8 months of filming

Halima Gadji @Anzul

Despite her deep bitterness, Halima Gadji, the main actress of the Senegalese series Mistress of a married man had first decided to keep quiet about the problems of cachet and to continue the adventure with season 3 of the famous series.

According to the newspaper L’Observateur, in its Tuesday edition, Halima Gadji, who played the role of “Mariéme Dial” in the series, received a salary of 300,000 CFAF for 8 months of filming. While usually out of season MDHM, it could make a million a month, according to the newspaper.

In the meantime, the agency that represents her and now manages her image, would have taken a stand with the production company Marodi to renegotiate her contract, and demand insurance to compensate for any accident, during the shoots and that his muse is paid per day as is the rule in the middle.

His salary thus went from the simple triple and Anzul would even have undertaken to claim
rights to the advertisements. However, Halima Gadji would have calmed the game and asked her label to be more flexible with Marodi, because she wanted to take part in this project, which she believed from the beginning.

The negotiations were therefore on track between the two parties 
A date was even set for Halima’s arrival in Senegal, according to the newspaper. Until Anzul claimed her actress’s schedule and the script to better manage her time. He also wanted to know if his role was in line with his status as lead actress, so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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A request to which Massamba Ndour refused to accede. Instead, he would have simply sent them an email announcing that he preferred to take Halima out of the show, while wishing her good luck. A sledgehammer for the star who would have felt betrayed once again. All the grudges she had swallowed and the sacrifices she had made to help her friend Kalista Sy, the writer of the show, would have come to the surface.

Her health had even suffered during the previous season. On two occasions, she had been interned in hospital. At the end of her nerves and feeling that she was not respected, “Marème Dial” finally gave up.

Contrary to some rumors, it is not a resignation but rather an eviction of the series. Faced with a fait accompli, the actress had no choice but to respect the producer’s decision.

The newspaper reported that he tried to contact Massamba Ndour, but the producer did not wish to comment on the matter.

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