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SENEGAL – Mimo Dia Leydimen plunges into “the hell of the truth of the African continent”

Mimo Dia Leydimen - Political activist and Pan-Africanist

The title sounds like a pamphlet! “Africa humiliated. The Hell of Truth” is the new book by Senegalese pan-Africanist activist Mimo Dia Leydimen, which is due out on 25 June 2021 at Harmattan Éditions. Speaking on behalf of Africa, speaking out to restore the continent to its rightful value, but also denouncing what is being played on Africa’s backs with “big machines like UN, IMF, WB, WHO, UNESCO”… This is the task undertaken by the author in this book. The African activist denounces the workings of slavery, the distrust of colonization and the violence of neo-colonialism, which he says are translated into “military, economic or monetary cooperation agreements”.

“Africa humiliated. The hell of truth”
“Africa humiliated. The hell of truth” is the new book by Senegalese pan-Africanist activist Mimo Dia Leydimen. He denounced de facto the Westerners’ control over the crucial problems of the African continent, of which most countries have only partial independence. “Those who think they are invisible in a visible world where everything is understood, seen, known, explained and silent are those who have bled Africa through slavery, colonization and neo-colonialism. This translates into military, economic and monetary cooperation agreements… incomprehensible.” he writes.

Another scourge that plagues the African continent is to see ethnic or fratricidal wars that sometimes lead to genocides, deplorable for the continent. “Wars mounted from the ground up and backed by prefabricated solutions, under the nose and the beard of the international community.” Here, the author of the barely hidden implication or the passivity of the international community on the wars taking place on the continent, not finding a referee to give the final whistle blow.

“Africa humiliated. The hell of truth”

The Pan-Africanist rebels against the inertia of African states, whose facade of independence, according to him, is based exclusively on “paper, flag and anthem.” It proposes a new definition of this partial independence and urges African states to “wake up and demand their total sovereignty in order to restore their dignity, which has long been torn apart and trampled on for centuries.” To do this he says “They must reinvent their own model of democracy, invest in research, in industrial development, proceed to the union of territories and hearts.In short, they must build a strong African Union with a common army, a common currency, a great health institution, with men of integrity and patriots.”

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Indeed, “Africa humiliated. The Hell of Truth” is a book that highlights “the great difficulties facing the African continent, in particular economic and monetary sovereignty, security, health and the influence of the great powers”.

Who is Mimo Dia Leydimen?
Mimo Dia Leydimen is a political activist and Pan-Africanist from the city of Tambacounda. He studied at the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, Specialty Medical Biology then at the University Paris Diderot in France, Therapeutic Innovation. He converted to computer science in Web Development in Paris. At the same time, he is fighting for the defence of Africa’s sovereignty and for respect for the dignity of the black man.Mimo Dia Leydimen is also an essayist, polemicist and writer.

Mimo Dia Leydimen – Political activist and Pan-Africanist

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