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SENEGAL – The Daara J FAMILY set fire to the scene in Paris

Daara Family @Ican

The mythical rap group, the Daara J FAMILY, set fire to Châtelet les Halles this Sunday, June 13, 2021. It was as part of the “Africa 2020” season, which aims to celebrate the artistic fertility of the African continent. The explosive duo from the beginning to the end of the concert, has regained the heart of all the music lovers who were present at this sharing party. Faada Freddy and her stage ally Ndongo D were generous with the audience.

Daara J Family in a few words
Since their debut in the 90s in Dakar, Faada Freddy and Ndongo D have cultivated a unique style, between centuries-old traditions of the griots of Senegal, funk-soul by James Brown, rock-psyche by Pink Floyd, and reclaiming rap by Public Enemy. The legendary Senegalese hip-hop band Daara J Family floods the Canopée#Africa2020 stage with its legendary energy during this Sunday’s live show.

A scene on fire
Draped in their most beautiful traditional-modern outfits, made in Senegal as they like to defend it, this thanks to their commitment to make vibrate the Senegalese culture in particular and African in general in the heart of music lovers and especially sophisticated fans, that had come in large numbers despite the covid-related health crisis. The Daara J Family took their audience on a journey that only they know the corners and nooks of. 

Tchekoulé” was the first song performed by the duo. This song is part of the album “Yamatélé” released on January 31, 2020, a mythical cartoon character from the 80’s who has a television in place of the belly. An allegory that warns about a dehumanized society where the world rules disrupting new technologies. The themes of their songs are as rich as they are varied: From the environment, to corruption, bad governance, education, the African tradition to the valorization of the continent, everything has gone through a fine-tooth comb.

Ndongo D @Ican

The “blind test”, “flash back”, a moment to remember the old albums, was the hottest moment of the concert. The duo revisited its entire repertoire to the cult song “Daara Jeyyy Daara J Daara J”. “Djko Jamono la”, “Le guetto” “Ca rend fou” or the song “Bayi yoon”.

They were masterful as usual on this podium in the heart of Paris, the French capital. For more than an hour, the Daara J Family transported the audience to their musical ‘carrapide’ for an unprecedented journey making them forget their doubts and worries troubles. Inspired by a sense of universality, they sing in Wolof, French or English. Their goal is to spread a universal message of love, peace and hope. 

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“Hope is allowed, at home in Senegal and around the world, and this day confirms it with your presence. In the last album we had warned by making a song called “what’s up”. In Senegal in March there were big demonstrations, the album was released last year and this album has a socio-geopolitical connotation and we brought the voice of young people. With Fadda we were once on the plane, and he tells me that we have to make a song that will be like a discussion between the old and the new generations. And in Africa it’s always been like this. It is always around the baobab or tea that discussions take place between old people and young people. The song “what’s Up” talks about this and especially about the unease of young people facing unemployment, facing the difficulties of life for Senegal and Africa to put their heads above water.” explains Ndongo D to introduce this song.

Faada Freddy @Ican

A few moments later, it is with their hands in the air that they invite to the journey to discover the country of the teranga, Senegal. “Jom moy dem, foula moy gnibissi. Senegal, Sénégaaal… lokho jogg sakaw, lokho jogg saka, lokho jogg sakaw ” says Faada Freddy. In this song, the portrait of Senegal, the country from which they come, is portrayed with great generosity. Between the soft voice of Faada Freddy and the dense contralto voice of Ndongo D, listening to this song becomes simply magical.

Finally, during this concert, the group managed to “Reconnect people to love” as Ndongo D says. And this reconnection was manifested through the song “Deloussil”. An ode to woman, to love.


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