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SENEGAL – “Ndèye”, an ode to the women of Jahman X-Press


Artist Jahman X-Press has released the music video for her new song “Ndèye”, An Ode to Women. “Ndèye” means “Mother” in French but it is also a feminine given name. The Senegalese singers denounce the violence against women, the mistreatment of women imprisoned in marriages that are sometimes dangerous or even fatal for them.

“Marriage, this sacred union which is the result of the love expressed by two beings, who promise each other a life together, until death separates them, should in no case be a means of repression which tears away life to a woman. Unfortunately, in some of our societies, more and more women are subjected to all kinds of violence in their households and do not dare to raise their voices for fear of the consequences. This minimization of their suffering destroys all strength or hope. It is time to join forces to raise awareness and support women by saying. “NO to VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN” has Jahman X-Press declared to explain the birth of this title “Ndèye”.

Who is Jahman X-Press?
Jahman X-Press whose real name is Abdoulahad Thioune, is a Senegalese artist, songwriter and performer and member of the X-Press band who hails from the town of Diourbel in Senegal, located about 150 kilometers east of Dakar. The artist surfs on electronic music and the vibrating sounds of the guitar which he knows how to play with perfection. Very quickly, he conquered the hearts of music lovers. The artist invests in a solo career. Several successful songs are included in his repertoire such as “Sekougn Bayante”, “Bamba Nieup”, “Damakoy def”, “Bamba la Joie”, “Def Si Code” or “Bamba la paix”.

The year 2020 is a consecration for the Senegalese singer with unprecedented sounds, he was ranked in the top 5 of the most popular Senegalese singers on YouTube by Billboard, the prestigious American magazine specializing in international charts which makes weekly rankings.

His musical rigor has facilitated his collaborations with many Senegalese artists, such as Wally Seck, the son of the late singer Thione Ballago Seck, and the committed activist rapper Fou Malade. He has also collaborated, among others, with the French rap group Sexion’Assaut, notably composed of the Franco-Congolese Maitre Gims and the Franco-Guinean Black M or the Franco-Senegalese Barack Adama.

Internet users’ reaction to the song “Ndèye”

Rain of reactions from Internet users as soon as the song is broadcast on streaming and music platforms. The song has already garnered more than 800,000 views on youtube alone.

“Emotions, happiness, sadness and pride are my feelings watching this clip a hundred times you have emptied the hearts of many women from all countries combined, it’s not just Senegalese women but all over the world. Jahman you fulfilled an incredible mission without knowing it … despite your young age you knew intelligently, educated, corrected and where to advise old people, father, mother and sister brother what more to say, if not, thank you on the part of all the women around the world who, by listening to this sound, will see their story told. Thank you my son for being the voice of those who suffer in silence ”wrote youtuber Feuz Galsen.

“0% vulgarity, 0% insult, 100% talent, 100% simplicity, JAHMAN has touched us again. Peace be upon him ”writes Seydou Diop

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“Who cried like me watching the video really is too loud.” written Mamouch MB

“This song is like you wrote it for me my mother’s name was ndeye she died at the age of 25 from cancer leaving behind two children me and my sister I am 2 years old so I didn’t have time to get to know her. One day I discovered a private diary of her and understood a lot of things that I prefer to keep to myself, but thank you for revealing such a sensitive topic. ” also wrote Daddy Sy Official.

“I come across this sound and I am stunned. You sang for all the young or adult married women, not just for the Moms. And I don’t know how you really managed to understand what these married women are going through because I wonder is their husbands aware or maybe it is the man who is made not to understand the evil that his wife lives in silence because of what he is doing to her. But listening to you sing these words I told myself that any man who makes his wife suffer does it on purpose. And the Stepmother also who adds her touch while she knows what cleaning means, she is just cruel and wants revenge on her Stepdaughter. In short, get up and flee PLEASE even if you are going to suffer it will pass above all do not stay, because in a household where there is no consideration, no protection, no respect … It is not love that will hold this household because Love must be accompanied by these 3. Please flee before you die of suffering. The famous “Mougnal” (resists) I know this WORD I saw my mother… ”wrote another Internet user Being truthful.

“I left so as not to die in pain and not inflict this situation on my children. Courage to all the “Ndèye” in the houses ”writes Ndeye Penda Ndiaye.

Feminists reacted too
Apart from internet users, feminists have also reacted. If some appreciate the rigor, the precision of the scenes, the message conveyed in this song for battered, mistreated, abused, humiliated women, others deplored the fact that the person who embodies the role of the battered woman dies at the end. . For them, it is a sad end. They would have liked her to recover from this marriage and move on with her life.

The feminist Maïmouna Astou Yade gave her impressions of this song: “Jahman and the feminists! His new music video deserves to be criticized too. This new song certainly writes all this domestic violence against women, but we didn’t like the fact that “Ndèye” died at the end. “Ndèye” could also GO, say STOP because she was not at all obliged to experience this INJUSTICE. “

In short, as in most of his cult songs which from the outset drew a host of comments, appreciation and criticism, Jahman X-Press was no exception to the rule for his latest production “Ndèye”. He reopened the debate among Senegalese feminists which is not ready to close so soon.

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