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SENEGAL: Omar Ka, the Franco-Senegalese humorist who terrorizes the web with his sketches.

Omar Ka, alias Jo_Lalegende, humoriste.

Omar Ka is French of Senegalese origin. He is 24 years old and he is born and lives in Meaux. He uses as a stage name “Jo_lalegende” which according to him is a character that gives the smile even bursts of laughter through humorous videos. The child of laughter highlights his continent: Africa. A sports fan, he has been playing basketball since he was 6 years old and currently plays as a national basketball player. He is also a sports animator for children in the club in the 20th arrondissement, an honor for him to be able to work with children and pass on his experience. In parallel it makes videos on the social networks. He also plays in a web African series called “Caste social” of the group Wagadou.

Ze-Africanews.com: How did you get to humor?
Omar Ka: We’re going to say that I have this in the blood because I always liked to make laugh especially my first big fan my great mother (peace to his soul) to whom I made laugh and which encourage me to do comedy unfortunately she did NOT have time to see “Jo_lalegende” born. Today all the videos are dedicated to him, it is somehow a tribute to this lady.

Since when do you make videos on Facebook but also on youtube?
It is exactly 1 year that I make videos on the networks. I’m more active on Facebook for now than on YouTube because it’s harder to touch people, but I still have my channel that I’ll start feeding it more and more. The name of the YouTube channel is Jo_lalegende.

And why did you choose these media to share your achievements?
Today 95% of the population are active on Facebook and this is the easiest way to spread messages on a large scale.

Jo_Lalegende, speaker Miss Gambia France 2017.

Among the characters you play, your parents, especially your mother often comes back in your sketches, why, and what is the bond that unites you with this great lady? An unexplained and overflowing affection? Explain us?
How do you explain the relationship I have with my mother ?! She is everything for me ! She is a woman whom I greatly respect and for which I am greatly admired by the fact that this great lady raised me alone during my childhood and I am never lacking anything but really NOTHING. She made me a man, a real man. Today my mother is the woman of my life, my confidante, my best friend. I owe him everything. But I know that whatever I do, I can never give her back what she gave me so I must never disappoint her. This is the reason for the character of the mother “Ndeye Khady”, in truth, it is my inspiration with all its more funny expressions (laughter).

What generally inspires you when you write your texts outside your parents?
I do not write my lyrics, all my videos are improvisation. I think about a theme and then I realize it naturally. For my themes, I take inspiration from my childhood memories or the news and also the behaviors of people around me positive or negative.

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If I say “Heywayeheywaye” you answer what?
Signature Jo_lalegende! Word of hook, a true nod to my country of origin that I love so much: Senegal.

Have you already accumulate how much like on your pages in social networks?
In 1 year, on Facebook I am 30 000 people who love my page and support me, and on Snapchat, I keep it secret (laugh).


What is your most watched videos?
My most watched video was the one where I was doing dance imitation from different countries. I think its success is due to the fact that several countries were involved, so it hit more people.

If I tell you “Senegal”, you answer what?
My country, country of the Teranga, my roots. The country where I dream to settle and make it evolve, to bring my share in the building.

Your double culture is a tart or an asset? And why ?
Its an asset. With the French language used in my sketches, I can introduce my country to people who do not know Senegal. So I think my double culture is a real force.

You use your original language and the French language, why is it important for you to make this bridge between the two?
To be able to reach the most people outside of France, which is my country of residence in order to make my country known in the two languages ​​that I know. I have two readings of the world, a real wealth.

Jo la Légende”, why did you choose this artist’s name?
She is a girl from my neighborhood whom I consider a little sister who gave me the name of artist. The anecdote: One day I had to go out to the restaurant with friends and I who is a fan of fashion and who loves to be well dressed, I had put myself on my 31 as they say (laugh) and suddenly when she saw me that day well undermined, to “plug” as the young people say, she cried: “OOOOH LALAAAA, that’s” Jo_lalegende “and it’s gone like that. I finally find that I carry this nickname.

Laughter is part of your life, why is it important for you to make people laugh?
I think that laughter is a drug against stress but also against any form sadness. Still, from my point of view, I think that laughter can make us forget a lot even for a short time.

How do you relate to those who follow you, comment or love your videos?
I listen to them, I always answer their private message. Sometimes there are even some who are shocked that I take the time to answer, but I find it normal because for me I must be very attentive with my followers because today if I have this status “artist” it are there for many and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for this presence. They are my FORCE.

What are your future projects?
My future projects would be, why not, to make the stage and also the cinema. And, on the other hand, continue to lend a hand to associations in order to help my sick or needy neighbors.


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