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SENEGAL – Ousmane Sonko case: The Movement for the Defense of Democracy gave its slogan

Yacine Fall

Following the arrest of opponent Ousmane Sonko on Thursday 4 March 2021, the Movement for the Defense of Democracy (MDD) intends to lead the fight in the street from Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 March. The members of the movement made the announcement in a press conference held this Saturday, March 6 by the ladies Yacine Fall and Ndeye Fatou Diop Blondin. The objective of this three-day demonstration is to demand the unconditional release of the leader of Pastef and all those arrested in the context of this political and judicial case.

Facing the journalists, Ndeye Fatou Diop Blondin and Yacine Fall showed their determination to continue the fight for the restoration of democracy in Senegal. Therefore, faithful to its slogan “resist is a duty”, the Aar Souñou Democracy Movement plans to “take to the streets of Dakar and in the regions, departments, municipalities and villages for 3 days, starting on Monday 8 March, the day of struggle and affirmation of women’s rights, who will be invited to go out and walk alongside their grandchildren.”children and children to help them in their quest for a better future.” , said the spokesperson of the day, Yacine Fall.

The protest collective includes political parties including Ousmane Sonko’s party, Pastef-Les Patriotes, associations and members of civil society. It strongly calls for “the immediate release of all political prisoners illegally and arbitrarily detained” as well as “respect for the right to demonstrate.”

Determined more than ever to face the excesses of the current regime, these women promise to lead the fight to the end for democracy and respect for individual freedoms. They criticize the thoughtless remarks of the Minister of the Interior Antoine Félix Diome and judge Macky Sall responsible for all these abuses. Dozens of demonstrators have been arrested and brutalized often by anonymous individuals who do not have the uniform of the security forces, as is the case with Thiat of the Y’en’en movement and many other young people. Incaple to feel and understand the deep impulse of this helpless youth because betrayed by its corrupt and unfit government, Macky hid behind his interior minister Antoine Diome to insult the entire Senegalese people by calling this valiant youth a terrorist to please some of his foreign sponsors. The bellicose tone, the warlike rhetoric and the martial tone employed by this minister does not hide his dismay and panic fear that was glancing at his face, his gestures and his body language.” says Yacine Fall.

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tabilité. “Le MDD rappelle que le mot d’ordre reste maintenu et rappelle ses exigences : la libération immédiate de tous les prisonniers arbitrairement et illégalement détenus dans les prisons de Macky Sall, le rétablissement immédiat des signaux de Walf et SenTv, le respect et la reconnaissance du droit des citoyens de manifester pacifiquement conformément à la constitution, l’ouverture d’une enquête pour identifier, juger et condamner tous les individus mêlés de près ou de loin au complot sordide ayant conduit notre pays dans cette crise grave et dangereuse.”

Enfin le MDD invite implicitement le chef de l’Etat Macky Sall à démissionner et à céder le pouvoir à des citoyens plus responsables et plus dignes. “Macky Sall a perdu la dignité de rester à la tête du Sénégal car nous sommes un pays de paix et de mesure.”, a martelé Mme Yacine Fall.

They are calling on all Senegalese citizens to call for a new era, a revolution that will forever change the face of Senegal. The MDD sets out its requirements for the return to calm and stability.


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