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SENEGAL: Ousmane Sonko case: “The word “semen” does not appear anywhere in the medical certificate”


The clause of the medical report practiced on Adji Sarr, the 20-year-old masseuse who filed a complaint against the leader of the pastef Ousmane Sonko was reviewed by the senegalese newspaper “Walf Quotidien” in its issue of this Monday, February 15, 2021, the complex tangle of semen collection in the alleged rape case that overwhelms Pastef’s leader.

The daily newspaper, which had knowledge of the medical file, informs that the word “semen” does not appear anywhere in the medical certificate, which is indisputable evidence in the matter of rape. Other information: the gynecological examination does not find any vulvar lesion. This means that no lesions were detected in the genitals of the alleged plaintiff Adji Sarr in the hours following the alleged rape, that is, between the day of the events at 9 pm and the next day at 4:15 pm, time the victim went to the doctor for a medical consultation.

Another precision, the gynecologist practitioner also noted an «ancient tear of the hymen» which means that the victim is not a virgin. 

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In addition, samples for DNA testing were taken. However, the medical document is not sufficiently edifying about the nature of the vaginal swab. Better yet, it doesn’t say whether it’s semen or whatever. A medical truth that could constitute, according to the newspaper, “a great weakness in the indictment” brought against the deputy Ousmane Sonko whose parliamentary immunity is being lifted so that he can respond to justice.


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