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SENEGAL: Ousmane Sonko case: “We are in a completely new business” dixit Mamadou Ndoye (LD)

Mamadou Ndoye

Mamadou Ndoye (LD):We are in an all-out affair against a political opponent to discredit and eliminate him”

Mamadou Ndoye (LD): «There is the hand of the State in the case of Ousmane Sonko-Adji Sarr»

“A fake rape”! This is what ex-Secretary General of the Democratic League (LD), Mamadou Ndoye deduced in the case opposing the leader of the Pastef Ousmane Sonko to masseuse Adji Sarr. Before the Sunday Jury on Iradio, on February 14, he accused the state of being at the origin of this case in order to eliminate a political opponent.

This is not a private matter. I don’t even see it as such, as I didn’t see the Khalifa Sall case as just a criminal case. It was a political struggle and the case of Ousmane Sonko is also a political struggle,” he insisted.According to him, it is important to say why.Because it is a question of the future of our country’s democracy. Are we going to fight on the basis of political projects, on the basis of ideas? On the basis of low manoeuvres? On the basis of slander? On the basis of denigration? That’s the question being asked,” he said.

“We are manipulating a poor, lost girl”

Thus, Mamadou Ndoye says: «What I consider is that we are manipulating a poor lost girl who does not even know where she is going». With that, he says that “the hand of power is in the matter, given the speed of this file”.

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Every day there are rape complaints in this country, you’ve seen the police including having so much speed for a rape case? It doesn’t exist! The police procedure has been speeded up. And who has that possibility? For me, it’s the state. There are so many cases today that appeal to the prosecutor of the Republic (Serigne Bassirou Gueye). Why, is he prioritizing such a case? Once again, the hand of the state is there to speed up this procedure to lift the parliamentary immunity that requires the action of the Minister of Justice,” he accused.

“If Sonko had gone to a prostitute’s house, it could have been said that he…”

Before I go on: All this shows that the hand of the state is in several points in this file. That is why I am talking about manipulation. It is the mobilization of the entire state apparatus around this case, the mobilization of the police, the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor and now the National Assembly. We’re in a big-time business against a political opponent to discredit and eliminate him. Democracy and the issue of human rights in Senegal are likely to suffer.”

Source : Mamadou Ndoye


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