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SENEGAL: “SONKO was careless and trapped,” says Abdoulaye Wade

Abdoulaye Wade @Senegal presidency

The Senegalese opponent and leader of the Pastef party, Ousmane Sonko, is accused of rape. 20-year-old Adji Sarr, a masseuse at the “Sweet Beauty” salon, filed a complaint against the MP. If Ousmane Sonko admits to going to the massage parlour, he categorically denies the allegations of the young lady and speaks of conspiracy on the part of President Macky Sall and his regime. Former President Abdoulaye Wade did not remain insensitive to this political fact. According to him “SONKO was careless and was tricked” says Abdoulaye Wade. Below is his statement on this case.

The National Secretary General
President Abdoulaye Wade on the Ousmane SONKO case said:
‘’I have the feeling that SONKO was careless and trapped. Apparently, his inexperience has been exploited by a powerful and clever adversary who knows his weaknesses.
I condemn this way of eliminating a political opponent.
The PDS requires that the provocation be observed and that it be said that there is no crime. Consequently, the PDS opposes the lifting of MEP SONKO’s parliamentary immunity. ‘
Dakar on 14 February 2021
Me Abdoulaye Wade National Secretary General


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