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SENEGAL – Ousmane Sonko dangerous in prison, Macky Sall trembles


It was Friday around 2 pm (Dakar time), after two hours of heated debates in plenary, that Ousmane Sonko’s parliamentary immunity was lifted by the National Assembly, Rfi said.The opposition and non-attached members left the Chamber before the vote. A total of 98 MEPs voted in favour, one against and two abstained. Analysis by CoupsFrancs, Magazine d’opinions

Now, the political opponent accused of rape by a masseuse is no longer protected by his parliamentary status. However, he continues to denounce a political conspiracy and had already announced on Thursday that he considered this procedure illegal and therefore that his immunity remained intact.The popularity of the one who is now considered the idol of youth and Macky Sall’s number one opponent rises. It divides the deputies.

“The review of the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of MP Ousmane Sonko by the ad hoc committee was a privilege for the Senegalese people. Unfortunately, the mission of investigation, understanding, examination and investigation to rule not on the substance but on whether or not we should waive parliamentary immunity has not been understood. The provisions of Articles 52, 44, 45, 37, 30 and 40 of our Rules of Procedure have all been violated. Mr President of the National Assembly, we are facing the history of our democracy. We have missed the train of the true emergence of the Senegalese people, which highlights their dignity and the consolidation of democratic gains.” , writes MP Moustapha Mamba Guirassi.

“With this new deal, Ousmane Sonko is challenging the authorities and putting himself in the shoes of the man who sets the rules of the game in this case. Today, free, Ousmane Sonko scares…. In prison, he will be dangerous. The member for Pastef has finally lost his parliamentary immunity. And he’s due to report to the examining magistrate in the next few hours after the hearing of masseuse Adji Sarr.

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Even with this interpellation, the episode «Sonko» will not close because, the leader of the Pastef will represent a greater threat, incarcerated. The now “former MP” could hurt very badly if he were incarcerated with the calls to resistance. How does the regime of President Macky Sall intend to get out of this ordeal imposed by the leader of Pastef?

Sonko, left free, quietly going to his concerns, this will send to the populations the image that anyone can flout with impunity the judicial authority. Then, he can now say that he can do anything in Senegal because he claims to be “untouchable”. It will therefore be up to the government to set its own laws and regulations.

But if he is thrown into prison, the risk becomes great to see Senegal plunged into the spiral of violence. Ousmane Sonko, everywhere, calls his supporters to the resistance, to turn into a shield to protect himself. He even goes so far as to challenge the Head of State Macky Sall, telling him not to be afraid and to dare to face him alone eyes in the eyes, without needing any protection. Free, Ousmane Sonko scares, imprisons, and becomes more dangerous.” analysis senenews.com.

Ousmane Sonko, leader of Pastef/Les Patriotes, went to the police station in Dieuppeul on Sunday 28 February to visit the women of his party who were arrested during demonstrations organized to support him in the rape case accused Adji Sarr. He’s been denied access.

Analysis by CoupsFrancs, Magazine d’opinions


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