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SENEGAL – Bougane Gueye Dany supports Ousmane Sonko


Bougane Gueye Dany, president of the press group D’Média and leader of the movement “Guëm sa bopp”, visited the opposition Ousmane Sonko on Saturday, February 27, 2021. A meeting at the end of which Bougane Gueye made a statement as a total and unconditional support to the leader of Pastef les Patriotes who, according to him, is victim of a political and social injustice orchestrated by a dictatorial regime.

“I met a calm man, someone convinced that Senegal is facing its destiny. I met someone who today remains courageous after the illegal lifting of his immunity because of a mechanical majority to whom you know despite the separation of powers. So I wanted to express my sympathy to him and tell him that I was ready with him in the face of this Machiavellian enterprise. You know Ousmane Sonko and I, beyond the generation we share, even if he is my elder, we share the same convictions to put Senegal firmly on the path of development and also integrate our country in the lap of the rule of law. 

Since the outbreak of this affair, we are witnessing a scavenger hunt. It has to stop. We are asking that it stop quickly. We are asking Macky Sall to release them immediately. I want to talk about Abass, Biram Souleye, Assane Diouf, Guy Marius Sagna, Clédor Sène, and since this morning, Dame Mbodji and Karim Xrum Xax. These confiscations of freedoms are evidence of a flagrant democratic regression, the embankments of a free spirit must cease, and no one will be able to compel Macky Sall except us, the youth and the Patriots of this country…. they must be preserved. The honour of each and every one of us is to work for the preservation of these legacies, which have been fought for for nearly 70 years. So let us reject the disintegration of the republican state.”

The leader of Guem sa bopp did not fail to praise MP Ousmane Sonko, who came third in the last presidential election on February 24, 2019. It also stresses the need to maintain democratic gains in order to preserve the rights of every citizen. Ousmane Sonko bravely embodies and assumes today the natural responsibilities of undisputed leader of the opposition and his ideals are shared by all those who aspire to a better Senegal and for the Senegalese first. This status makes him the man to be slaughtered after Karim Wade and Khalifa Sall, it is unfortunate to say, this is what happens in Senegal since 2012. Today it’s Ousmane Sonko’s turn. Who will be next on the list? Perhaps I, perhaps you, who knows […] It forces us to put on our combat uniforms, we Senegalese citizens to defend the Republic. President Macky Sall must understand that the power of the state is above men. Let it be clear, no head of state should use the instruments that regulate our state to eliminate political opponents.”

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Bougane Gueye Dany calls on all the vital forces of the nation to work for the stability of the country which requires justice for the people and security forces for the exclusive defense of the interests of the citizens. I call upon our administration, our security forces and our justice system to work tirelessly for the consolidation of the rule of law.  With this unfortunate episode of which our brother Ousmane Sonko is a victim, a paradigm shift is required in a progressive but citizen rupture process. So, let us agree on a republican approach to put Senegal back on the rails of a great democracy. Finally, to my brother Ousmane Sonko, I tell him that you have our support and by my way, the support of the men and women of the Gueum sa bopp movement in this ordeal. We are going to use all the legal, regulatory means provided by law to respond or not respond to the justice in which we have complete confidence.”

This visit of Bougane Gueye Dany is therefore a support to the deputy and opponent, Ousmane Sonko, victim of a political injustice, according to the boss of Dmedia. The main opponent of the current regime is accused of repeated rape and death threats by a 21-year-old masseuse named Adji Sarr. The politician continues to shout at the orchestrated conspiracy at the highest summit of the state. He denounced the lifting of his parliamentary immunity which, according to him, the process is full of irregularities and flagrant failings because botched by the National Assembly where a parliamentary majority loyal to the ruling power, that of President Macky Sall dominates. He thus refused to refer to the convocation of the judge of the 8th cabinet.


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