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SENEGAL – Ousmane Sonko victim of a failed assassination?

Ousmane Sonko

Senegalese political opponent Ousmane Sonko has come a long way. The man, also mayor of Ziguinchor and president of the Patriotes Party of Senegal for Work, Ethics and Brotherhood ( PASTEF ) claimed in a video published on social networks on June 10, 2022, that he had been the victim of an assassination attempt. According to him, the events occurred on 08 June, the day of the demonstration organized by his political coalition Yewwi Askan Wi at the nation’s square in Dakar. Three-tire screws from the car he had used to get to the demonstration were reportedly weakened by individuals. 

“On that day, individuals weakened the screws of the car I was in on my way to the demonstration. Luckily, when we got home we didn’t drive fast and besides I wasn’t in the same car anymore,” said Ousmane Sonko in his speech. Despite these revelations, which are chilling in the back, the politician is hardly surprised, all the more so since on the eve of the said demonstration, a close friend of the Senegalese power had called for his assassination. It probably refers to the surprising exit of Hamath Suzanne Camara, president of the Alliance Pour la République ( APR ) who strongly called for the execution of the mayor of Ziguinchor. “As long as Ousmane Sonko lives, there will be no peace in Senegal. He must be executed because he is a fan of violence,” Hamath Camara said in a short video. 

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The PASTEF leader also painted a bleak picture of his country’s justice system, arguing that the person who called for his murder would already be arrested if he were in opposition. With harsh words, he said that the intention of those who did this was to eliminate it. “I want to tell those who threaten me that they make me laugh. Their real desire is to eliminate me. We have murderers in front of us. We are facing double-speed justice because if the gentleman who called to kill me was part of the opposition, he would be in prison as I speak ”, the indignant opponent said. 

If these revelations of Ousmane Sonko shocked many Senegalese, some close to the power of Dakar have totally questioned them. This is the case of Matar Diop, coordinator of Young Mackystes ( COJEM). “Ousmane Sonko is an ace in manipulation. How can a vehicle with a market value of more than 60 million drive four kilometres without reporting the breakdown? Even an unsecured seat belt is reported by the vehicle,” he said. 

Recall that Ousmane Sonko is one of the main opponents to the regime of Macky Sall. A real revelation in the 2019 presidential election, he created surprise by taking third place. Since then, he has enjoyed a strong popularity among the Senegalese population, who see in him the symbol of the renewal and dynamism of the country’s new political class. 


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