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SENEGAL – “President and Minister’s salaries will be known” says Ousmane Sonko

Ousmane Sonko @La Croix

The leader of Pastef-Les Patriotes, Ousmane Sonko, is convinced that the misfortune of the Senegalese comes from bad governance. If he succeeds in becoming a supreme judge, he promises to bring about profound changes in the management of public affairs through reforms. The salary of the head of state, ministers and directors general will be known to all Senegalese citizens. Ousmane Sonko is also committed to fighting corruption and repeated misappropriation of public funds by a minority. Remarks he made during his visit to the headquarters of the Democratic Forces of Senegal (Fds) on Saturday, March 13, 2021. Here is his statement.

The day I become president, every Senegalese will know what a minister, a president, a director general or even a director perceives. Their emoluments even had to be rationalized if necessary, but all Senegalese had to know what they were getting.

Then we will ensure that corruption, embezzlement, fraud, are fought. Public resources, which were supposed to be used to build hospitals, to create jobs, must not end up in the pockets of a few people who hide them in offshore banks (…)

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Politics is not about tricking your people. And these are lessons we need to learn from what just happened+. Senegal will no longer be Senegal as it used to be (…)

The revolution we want for Africa can begin here in Senegal. If we succeed with a good model in Senegal, it will be a stain of oil in Africa. That is why there are many enemies, inside or outside the country, whose interest is that this revolution does not happen.»


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