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SENEGAL: Self-sufficiency in rice on track.


For the achievement of self-sufficiency in rice in 2017 Senegal is on the right track, said the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Equipment, Papa Abdoulaye Seck during an agricultural tour in the Region of Diourbel in the west of the country.

Since 2014, the State has been working to carry out the food self-sufficiency project throughout Senegal. A production of 1.6 million tonnes of paddy rice is planned from the irrigated areas of the Senegal River Valley (VFS) and the rainfed areas.

“In 2012, rice production was 400,000 tons, it reached today’s 950,000 tons,” said Papa Abdoulaye Seck.

In all parts of the country, such as Fatick, Kaolack, Kaffrine or Diourbel, farmers are cultivating rice, “he said. The Minister.

Senegal, like some other countries in Africa, consumes mainly rice in large quantities: 74 kilograms per year per capita according to official figures.


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