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SENEGAL: The National Assembly wants to give all the powers to President Macky Sall


As part of the fight against the spread of Covid-19, Senegal wants to arm President Macky Sall so that urgent decisions can be made quickly.  According to Radio Futurs Médias (RFM), MEPs intend to amend sections 24 and 25 again. The objective is to give the Head of State the opportunity to govern by order.

This decision by the National Assembly comes at a time when Senegal is still affected by the covid-19 pandemic and is facing a second wave of contamination. As soon as this enabling law is passed, President Macky Sall can, for example if he wishes, declare a state of emergency or siege without however referring to the National Assembly. Similarly, it may introduce curfew at a specific time during a renewable month if necessary.

Covid-19, which seemed to be under control at one point, is starting to gain ground across the Senegalese territory. On Monday, 21 December 2020, the country recorded 121 new contaminations, including 69 from community transmission. A record 6 deaths in one day were also recorded on Sunday, December 20. A worrying situation that even prompted Dr Abdoulaye Bousso, an expert in emergency management and health disasters but also Director of the Health Emergency Operations Centre, to evoke the idea of a third wave.

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As a reminder, in April 2020, the same law of empowerment that gave all the powers to the head of state Macky Sall, was unanimously adopted by the 33 deputies present in the 165 in the National Assembly.


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