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SENEGAL: The national dialogue is launched.


This Tuesday, May 28, 2019, took place at the Palais de la Republique in Dakar the capital, a wide consultation of political actors, of power as of opposition, customary and religious authorities and practically all layers of society to notably pose the debate on the questions of a burning topicality.

The national dialogue mentioned by the President of the Republic Macky Sall, on the evening of his re-election on March 28, was held Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at the Palace of the Republic with a strong mobilization of political actors. Under the leadership of the chairman of the steering committee, former minister Famara Ibrahima Sagna, it was necessary to ask the real problems of the country such as the electoral process, the law on sponsorship, rampant insecurity, endemic youth unemployment, oil and gas resources among others.

In addition to Mr. Famara Ibrahima Sagna, General Mamadou Niang, Professors Babacar Kanté, Alioune Ndiaye, and Mazide Ndiaye from civil society were chosen to lead the work of the national dialogue that will start on June 10th or 11th.

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The national dialogue is therefore a broad consultation aimed at reconciling political actors and finding solutions to the problems often posed by Senegalese citizens.

It should be noted that the unsuccessful candidates in the presidential elections of 24 February 2019 Idrissa Seck, Ousmane Sonko and Madické Niang, with the exception of Issa Sall of the PUR, did not take part in this dialogue.

“We are proposing a frank, deep and sincere dialogue with the people,” Pastef leader Ousmane Sonko said at a press conference the following day.


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