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SENEGAL: The procedure for lifting Sonko’s immunity started on Monday?

Ousmane Sonko

Accused of rape and death threats, the deputy and leader of Pastef Les Patriotes, Ousmane Sonko, does not intend to comply with the summons of the Research Section (SR) of the Colobane Gendarmerie. By SenegalActu

The opponent explained himself on the matter in a statement to the press yesterday Sunday, brandishing his parliamentary immunity. But the procedure to lift his parliamentary immunity should not take long, as he himself announced yesterday to the press. The majority would certainly not hesitate to complete the case in record time as soon as the prosecution seizes the National Assembly after having noted Sonko’s refusal to bring proceedings.

Moreover, according to our colleagues from Liberation, the procedure for the lifting of the opponent’s parliamentary immunity will be launched today, Monday, February 8.

Sonko, who by name accused the head of state, Macky Sall of being the instigator of a plot hatched against his person, exhibited his medical bulletin to explain the frequentation of the massage parlor where he is accused of rape by one of the employees, Adji Sarr, a young woman of 21.

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“This confrontation can begin tomorrow. It will be the last or the penultimate fight, ”he said, calling on his activists to mobilize.

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