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SENEGAL: Accused of rape, opponent Ousmane Sonko speaks of conspiracy hatched by power

Ousmane Sonko @Nouvelle Tribune

Senegalese opponent and leader of the Pastef party, Ousmane Sonko, is embroiled in a dirty case of rape and death threats. It was a young woman, a professional masseuse at the Sweet Beauty salon, named Adji Sarr, 20, who filed a complaint against the MP. If he admits having gone to the said massage parlor, Ousmane Sonko categorically denies the allegations of the young lady and in turn accuses President Macky Sall and his regime of having hatched a plot to exclude him from the next electoral contests. and conceal their nebulous management of the country.

Senegalese deputy Ousmane Sonko is being sued for a charge of rape and death threats with a firearm. The unsuccessful candidate in the last presidential election says he has nothing to do with “these villainous lies”. Facing the press, on Sunday February 07, 2021, he clarified the reasons for his presence at the Sweet Beauty show. “I give my version to the Senegalese. A version based on truth. Many Senegalese do not believe in this rape case. They say I pulled out two pistols to threaten a person. Worse, they say I have done it repeatedly. This, in a place where there are lots of people. The Senegalese don’t believe it, “he said before adding:” Others are wondering what I was doing in this place. I, generalists follow me and when we are at the dedicated place, they will intervene. The orthopedic surgeon who follows me pointed out to me that I must take care of myself since medicine is powerless in the face of this kind of disease. He advised me to swim, to play sports. And, he told me, whenever the pains come back, let me massage. This, since 2007. I live with these pains since my earliest childhood. I was also in contact with a physiotherapist at HLM Grand Medina, until he left the country. In 2020, after an illness, in March, I had considered leaving the country but my doctors dissuaded me from doing so and also advised me not to have an operation. One thing led to another, an acquaintance recommended the famous massage institute to me “.

Ousmane Sonko also reveals that the institute is on CCTV, so he wouldn’t be there if he wanted to do something illegal. “I never had any wrongdoing there. At least two people attended my massage sessions. They say I came at 9:00 p.m. but be aware that the law allows me to go out at 9:00 p.m. I came, saw people there, greeted them and asked to be massaged by two people at the same time then I was in a hurry. I only spent 10 minutes there. So I ask the Senegalese, if they think that a person like me, also hunted down by the State, will go to a house where there are nearly ten people, a family, employees, cameras. surveillance, to rape a person several times ”. The patron of the Institute was interviewed by the sleuths and then released.

He therefore believes that it is a plot hatched by President Macky Sall who is afraid of his political opponents. According to him, this is someone who never fights with conventional weapons. It is a plot that aims to hide its nebulous management. Ousmane Sonko said he received warning messages several times from his relatives who saw things coming. But, he warns that the game will not be easy for the plotters. “We need to show the same determination or more. Our moment of truth has arrived. The fight promises to be fatal. The word is not too much. This is the price to pay. This confrontation can begin as early as tomorrow (today, editor’s note). I received a summons that was brought to me by a commander. After consultation with my lawyers, we decided not to comply with the summons, ”he said, adding:“ I will not comply with the summons because the law must be respected. To hear a deputy, you have to go through the National Assembly until they do that, I will not respond to the summons “.

Note that the boss of the Pastef has appointed a pool of lawyers as famous as they are competent. They are Master Bamba Cissé, Master Demba Ciré Bathily, Master Khoureychi Ba, Master Joseph Étienne Ndione, Master Ousseynou Ngom, Master Ndoumbé Wone. Some of them have defended ex-minister Karim Wade convicted by the Court for the Suppression of Illicit Enrichment (CREI) in the case of the hunt for ill-gotten gains. Others have defended former Dakar mayor Khalifa Sall convicted in the Dakar Town Hall Advance Fund case.

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Since the announcement of the complaint, the Patriots leader has received a lot of support from his opposition comrades. Thierno Bocoum from the AGIR party, Barthélemy Dias, the mayor of Mermoz Sacré-Coeur, Abdoul Mbaye from ACT and even Me Moussa Diop from AG / Jotna who has just left the presidential movement, all showed him their solidarity in the face of the maneuvers of the plan. “Conspiracy theory still has a bright future ahead of us, especially in politics. After having exchanged with my brother Ousmane Sonko and listened to his statement, I share all his pain and show all my solidarity with him in this affair which stinks of unfair manipulation and political conspiracy. The machine to eliminate the tough and worthy heads well done before 2024 is in motion. Let us vigorously reject the crescendo injustice. My country is really bad and that’s not what I was fighting for in 2012, “Moussa Diop wrote on a Facebook post.

In addition, the newspaper “Les Echos”, which was the first to report the affair, is under police surveillance. Indeed, the staff has feared for their safety since Friday. The newspaper reports in its issue of the day that staff are the subject of all kinds of phone calls. “Some to know if we measure the seriousness of the article which crossed our headlines, others to call us all names, even going so far as to utter threats and insults. Do we have to hold back because it’s just Ousmane Sonko? “, Asked the journalists.


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