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SENEGAL: Two teachers attacked at home by thieves


The events took place in Kelle, in the commune of Merina Dakhar in the department of Tivaouane, armed individuals attacked the two teachers, Mademba Thiam and Mamadou Babou, on the night of Monday 15 to Tuesday 16 February 2021 around 2am while sleeping in their rooms. These thieves, who no doubt came to collect money, injured the first one with two machete blows to the head by carrying his wallet, which contained his ID and other documents, as well as the sum of 12,000 FCFA. As for the second teacher, the attackers took away his phone and a pair of shoes while leaving his room in a singular disorder. Ze-africanews. met the two victims of this night cabal.

In the middle of a coronavirus curfew, these thieves, who seemed to know the house well, were looking for a merchant named Sidi Ndiaye. But they certainly did not know that he did not spend the night at home. So they attacked the two teachers thinking they had the keys to the shop.

“It was around two o’clock in the morning that more than seven individuals entered our house. I heard the screams of Mademba Thiam who was attacked in the first place.Then, trying to see what was going on, one of the assailants spotted me and they entered my room. They gave me a few shots before they asked me where the money was. I told them I had no money and they started searching my entire room without finding anything. They took my phone and a pair of shoes,” Babou told Ze-Africanews.

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This teacher, originally from Thiès and on duty for seven years at the Kelle elementary school, said that the thieves spoke in the language “pulaar” (peul). “They spoke the Pulaar language and I knew right away that I was dealing with Peuhl. They thought we had Sidi Ndiaye’s money or we had the key to his shop. They searched both our rooms and didn’t find what they were looking for,” he adds, tired and lying on his mattress.

Presented as a serious, hard-working and above all very discreet teacher, Mademba Thiam, who has been on duty at kelle for fifteen years now, was wounded by two machete blows to the head. He was evacuated to Ngaye Mekhé Hospital, still located in the Tivaouane department. 

The gendarmerie, located 9 km from Kelle, came this Tuesday, February 16 to make the statement at home before bringing Mr. Babou for the purposes of the investigation. Classes were cancelled at Kelle Elementary School on instructions from Principal Mamour Sylla. A meeting was held between the colleagues of the institution, outraged by what happened.


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